Thursday, 10 July 2014


Hey, here is my first week testimonial for Beauty Talk Oxymask from Beauty"n"Me. I have mentioned that the bubbling process is really funny in the blogpost on introduction of BeautyTalk Oxymask right? Now I am going to show you the interesting bubbling process! :D

Clear and gel-like texture. It just looks like the normal lotion. Nope, it is not the normal lotion, it is Oxymask, the mask that can produce a lot of  bubbles which can supply oxygen and other nutrients to our skin!!!

See, rich bubbles started to frizzle! It is a bit itchy but really interesting! Ya, you no need to massage it, just spread the mask evenly on your face and bubbles will appear like magic!! :D


My skin is more hydrated after application of Oxymask. My skin is quite dry recently due to the hot weather! >< Oxymask saved my poor skin after a day staying under sun. :D

A laboratory study showed that by using Oxymask, the oxygen level in the skin increases by 10mmHg after 60 minutes! The skin’s moisture is enhanced by >60% and the skin’s smoothness by 28%. A long term study has been shown that continuous use increase of the moisture and a clear visible reduction of wrinkles. Woah, it sound amazing! I should use this frequently! Stay tuned to see my weekly testimonial! :)

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