Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Bingsu! - Caffe Bene @ City Square Johor Bahru

话说之前公主去韩国的时候,就一直提起那里Caffe Bene的bingsu有多好吃, 讲得我心痒痒,一直都很想亲自尝尝它的美味。可偏偏去韩国的时候刚好是冬天,那种寒风刺骨的天气让我根本不想吃冰。终于,Caffe Bene来到马来西亚,在KL开了分店。可是!那间店还是离我学校好远,读完书就回新山了,所以还是没有吃到。>< 终于终于,Caffe Bene来到了新山 City Square, 这次真的可以吃到Caffe Bene的bingsu了!

City Square的这家Caffe Bene可是柔佛的第一间分店,相信以后会有更多牌子在新山开分店。各位老板不要一直把店开在KL了啦,新山人的消费能力也是很强的!看看这人潮就知道了!

Enchanteur - Creating Magical Moments Everyday

I admire women who shine. Confidently walking through crowd with natural make up and elegant outfit, they just shine. And yes, they wear nice fragrance. Pleasant fragrance just makes them stand out. Undeniably, body scent is one of the most important first impression that people can get during the first meet. Wish to leave a good impression? You need a good fragrance.

I always remember that signature cream color bottle of talcum powder on my mum's dressing table. Sprinkle a little bit on your hand, you can smell the magical romantic aroma in the air. Enchanteur's products always pride themselves as the range of scented personal care products which you definitely need everyday. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Be enchanted with Enchanteur Paris body care products

Women are more charming with pleasant body scent. Living under Malaysia's hot and humid weather, body care products with captivating scent are really needed. As a brand famous of its French inspired fine fragrance EDT range, the Enchanteur Paris body care products are infused with similar fine fragrances, providing women all day freshness. Ranging from body lotion and serum, down to roll on deodorant and body mist, Enchanteur Paris body care products make you prepared for active lifestyle.

The Enchanteur Paris body care range is available in three distinct charming scents, Mon Amie, Belle Amour and Adore. Each of them provides different functions to make us stay fresh and lovely from top to bottom.