Wednesday, 22 November 2017


身为一个非常称职的懒人, 我非常喜欢沙发,床,绵绵细雨还有休息天。好睡的地方,好睡的天气,好睡的休息天。可是,偶尔还是有发奋图强的时候,比如种点菜,画点小画,写点文。而在众众小菜中,我选了最适合懒人种的青葱。

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Enchanteur Paris Petite Perfume

As a working lady, we try hard to start our day with fresh and clean look and wish that we can end the day with same fresh look as well. However, after working whole day long, whether in office or outdoor, face starts to become oily, lip color becomes not that vibrant, and foundation cannot stay due to oil and sweat on face. We need to touch-up everything. Plus, we do not smell that pleasant anymore as our body sweats. We can touch up our make-up with compact-packaged make up set. However, there is no way that we can put whole big bottle of perfume inside our bag to touch up scent. However, this does not mean we can smell bad. We need a solution! 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

24 Hours Moisture with Enchanteur

Ever since we know hydration is the key to good skin condition, we try hard to keep our skin moisturized. We drink adequate water everyday. We spray moisture mist on skin whenever we can. However, providing skin with water alone is not enough to keep skin moisturized. We need protective layer to keep water from evaporating. Dehydrated skin would look dull and fine lines would start to appear. We tend to look older with dehydrated skin. Skincare would never be complete without the last moisturizing step. A good body lotion would be effective in keeping moisture on skin. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Travelling to Malacca

Travelling is something I really enjoy to do since young. This might be because I have parents who really love travelling. Whenever there is a short holiday, my parents would pack and bring us to nice places within country. 

Malacca is one of the places that I would never get tired of travelling to. Being the UNESCO world heritage site, you definitely have a lot of historic attractions to visit, not to mention variety of great food especially Nyonya food. Taking a river cruise along Malacca River is definitely the best way to enjoy the scenery of Malacca. Buildings painted with colorful mural and well-preserved historic buildings portray the rich culture of Malacca.

While travelling to Malacca, Nadeje handmade Mille Crepe is the food you cannot miss. I would always visit their outlet to taste few pieces of their famous handmade Mille Crepe whenever I am in Malacca. You can see a lot of tourists bring take-away besides dining inside the outlet. Personally, I feel that original flavour is the best. Other than Nadeje Mille Crepe, you should try authentic Nyonya cuisine, chicken rice ball, satay celup and Klebang coconut shake in Malacca. The must-eat list is way too long and I cannot mention all here. Remember to visit Jonker Street to enjoy night life with an array of delicious food. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Dashing Anytime EDT

Good manners and good cologne is what transfers a man into a gentleman. Apart from proper dressing and posture, men of all ages cannot deny the effect of body scent on personal image. This is why it is important to have pleasant body scent all day long. However, under hot and humid weather in Malaysia, we tend to sweat and have unpleasant body odor after staying outdoor.

 Understanding the need for convenience of smelling great all time for all occasion, DASHING, the leading mass male fragrance brand in Malaysia has launched Anytime EDT. This new range is developed to be used anytime and anywhere in a flash. It is in compact-sized, pocket-friendly and easy-to-use. It is designed to be in pocket size, which can fit in every pocket like a credit card. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Enchanteur Stunning Range

Woman with pleasant scent is simply attracting, just like bees to nectar. Undoubtedly, pleasant body scent can enhance attraction. Research has shown that women wearing perfume are gauged as more attractive and sensual. Therefore, since centuries ago, women shower in flower bath, carry scent bag and wear scented oil. Perfume was part of beauty, symbol of status and could be used in worship of gods. Even till now, it is still an invisible accessory to accentuate and create subtle yet irresistible aura. 

ENCHANTEUR, the leading masstige perfume brand with its popular French inspired fine fragrances range is relaunching its Eau de Toilettes and personal care range. Stunning, the new scent embodies the passion for perfumery by conjuring a distinctive blend of Turkish Rose, Magnolia, enhanced by the sweetness from Blackcurrant Bud and Raspberry and the sultry headiness of Sandalwood. An ENCHANTEUR Stunning wearer will be astounded by the scent-sational whiffs she catches on herself, which will make her feel extraordinary and exude an attractive personality. 

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

SDS Merdeka! Special Menu

SDS has introduced special meal, “Tower of Independence” for limited period during celebration of Independence Day, aims to arouse the awareness of unity among Malaysians.

Malaysia achieved independence in year 1957 with the strength of unity among multi-racial people. Though coming from different background, cultures, and religions, Malaysians live in peace and harmony on this land throughout the years. On account of the strong united bond among people, this country continues growing towards success. “Where there is unity, there is always victory,” said Ms. Alice Loh, Marketing Manager of SDS. “We sincerely hope to aware people on the important of unity in order for country to prosper. “Tower of Independence” is made for sharing. We encourage customers to unite with friends and families to enjoy this dish while celebrating the honour of Independence Day meaningfully.”

Tower of Independence” is a special meal piled up by sliced grilled chicken chop, with onion rings and wedges placed at the bottom of “Tower”. It shows the unity of various elements in one dish, and signifies the unity of multi-racial in Malaysia.Tower of Independence” is served all day at SDS from 2nd August to 28th September 2017.