Sunday, 25 February 2018

Stay clean always with Aiken Antibacterial Wipes

I love Chinese New Year a lot. Receiving angpau, non- stop munching on new year cookies, meeting relatives once a year, there is no reason that I will hate Chinese New Year. Besides, since my car sickness slowly becomes bearable as I grow up, I actually love the long journey back to my hometown. Maybe it is because I can eat then sleep and I can eat and sleep again. However, since we would not stop very frequent at rest station, hand hygiene becomes our concern in our journey back to hometown. My sister always has antibacterial wipes with her to provide instant sanitizing in the car. In situation where a wash basin is not within reach, a pack of good antibacterial wipes can be a great alternative till you get to wash your hands. 

AIKEN, the trusted name in antibacterial personal care products for the past three decades is now introducing the new AIKEN Antibacterial Wipes that eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria effectively while smelling great and leaving your skin feeling moisturised. 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

通灵少女 - 不专业观后感





【我終於理解真正的超能力,並不是通靈驅魔,超渡祭改,而是面對生命中的種種無常,還能夠坦然的微笑。夢 終究會醒,但奇妙的是,當你失去越多東西的時候,反而越能夠珍惜生活的點點滴滴,勇敢迎接新的一天。我叫謝雅真,這就是我的日常。】

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Enchanteur Gift Sets - Gifts for you



Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Redken Clean Maniac @ Toyako Salon

Last Tuesday was Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru new opening. Since there were a lot of attractive promotions, I went to have a look! Toyako Salon also proudly had their new branch opening on the same day. Toyako Salon is located at strategic location within the mall, which is near to escalator at second floor (2F-76). Other than Paradigm Mall, Toyako Salon has branches in Sutera Mall, Holiday Plaza, Johor Jaya, Aeon Tebrau City, Holiday Plaza and Plaza Pelangi.  

Wednesday, 22 November 2017


身为一个非常称职的懒人, 我非常喜欢沙发,床,绵绵细雨还有休息天。好睡的地方,好睡的天气,好睡的休息天。可是,偶尔还是有发奋图强的时候,比如种点菜,画点小画,写点文。而在众众小菜中,我选了最适合懒人种的青葱。

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Enchanteur Paris Petite Perfume

As a working lady, we try hard to start our day with fresh and clean look and wish that we can end the day with same fresh look as well. However, after working whole day long, whether in office or outdoor, face starts to become oily, lip color becomes not that vibrant, and foundation cannot stay due to oil and sweat on face. We need to touch-up everything. Plus, we do not smell that pleasant anymore as our body sweats. We can touch up our make-up with compact-packaged make up set. However, there is no way that we can put whole big bottle of perfume inside our bag to touch up scent. However, this does not mean we can smell bad. We need a solution! 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

24 Hours Moisture with Enchanteur

Ever since we know hydration is the key to good skin condition, we try hard to keep our skin moisturized. We drink adequate water everyday. We spray moisture mist on skin whenever we can. However, providing skin with water alone is not enough to keep skin moisturized. We need protective layer to keep water from evaporating. Dehydrated skin would look dull and fine lines would start to appear. We tend to look older with dehydrated skin. Skincare would never be complete without the last moisturizing step. A good body lotion would be effective in keeping moisture on skin.