Friday, 28 October 2016

Spritzer Slide the City @ Hutan Bandar MPJBT

15th October 2016 was really a fun-filled day as my friends and I went to Hutan Bandar MPJBT for Spritzer Slide the City! I was super thrilled when I knew that Slide the City was coming to south part of Malaysia as I always wanted to be one of those who can slide the city! For your information, since Slide The City's debut in United States during 2013, this fun-filled event has attracted more than two million peoples worldwide to join the fun, including some major cities like Japan and Hongkong in South-East Asia. Finally, this was Johor's turn to have huge waterslide taking over the city!

Can you see the long queue that waiting for their turn to slide? Passer-by was gathered around there as they were attracted by the giant waterslide that appeared at somewhere unexpected! 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

一起假假坐火车去!Terminal One Cafe

话说最近看了尸速列车就想起之前搭火车的经验,没有僵尸,没有关不紧的门,只有睡死的自己哈哈哈!看完电影之后,第一个想法就是好想回去当初的火车车厢拍点被僵尸追然后假假逃亡的照片~ 就在觉得超级可惜的时候,却给我偶然发现新山竟然有火车厢主题的餐厅!所以我当然要去光顾瞧瞧顺便拍拍照!

Terminal One Cafe 就在热闹彩虹花园 Taman Pelangi Jalan Serampang的角落,前身其实就是Station One Cafe啦。

Thursday, 20 October 2016


去年的今天,手忙脚乱地跑到那熟悉的Faculty, 从学弟手上接过毕业袍,又匆匆跑去大礼堂,随随便便地披上皱得像咸菜的毕业袍,上个厕所,就要准备进场。其他人的毕业袍都烫得整齐,穿起来干净利落,我的就一直要掉,狼狈不堪。我好像常常做这种事,没准备好,就硬着头皮上场了。

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Move young with Anlene MoveMax™

Recently, I can feel that I am not that young anymore. Metabolism becomes slower. It is easier for me to gain unnecessary fat here and there. Acne recovers slower and acne marks do not fade as fast as compared to last time. I am conscious about this and I started to care more for my own health. Opting for healthier dishes when eating mixed rice, doing exercise at least once a week and drinking more water. These are things I  am trying to do now. Nothing more. Until one of my young friends told me that her bone density is not so good according to her recent health check-up result, I realized I should do something to take care of my bone too. 

Taking a medical-related course explores me to more health-related information. Lecturers always advice girls in my class to consume more milk, yoghurt or calcium supplement to maximize peak bone mass early in life. We cannot avoid rapid bone loss after menopause. This is something natural. Therefore we need to maximize bone mass since young to prevent osteoporosis from happening.