Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Move young with Anlene MoveMax™

Recently, I can feel that I am not that young anymore. Metabolism becomes slower. It is easier for me to gain unnecessary fat here and there. Acne recovers slower and acne marks do not fade as fast as compared to last time. I am conscious about this and I started to care more for my own health. Opting for healthier dishes when eating mixed rice, doing exercise at least once a week and drinking more water. These are things I  am trying to do now. Nothing more. Until one of my young friends told me that her bone density is not so good according to her recent health check-up result, I realized I should do something to take care of my bone too. 

Taking a medical-related course explores me to more health-related information. Lecturers always advice girls in my class to consume more milk, yoghurt or calcium supplement to maximize peak bone mass early in life. We cannot avoid rapid bone loss after menopause. This is something natural. Therefore we need to maximize bone mass since young to prevent osteoporosis from happening. 

Anlene, the leading dairy brand has recently launched the newly-improved Anlene MoveMaxNot only calcium, there are vitamin C D E, magnesium, collagen and protein in this new formulation. The new formulation provides nutrients needed to support bones, joints and muscles, enabling women to be youthful and get moving in any way that makes them happiest.  By the way, Anlene has range of products which are suitable for women of all ages, so please do not assume that only elderly drinks Anlene, young people can drink too!

In conjunction with this, Anlene has organized the fun-filled "Move as Young as You Feel Inside with Anlene" campaign at Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru, from 5th to 10th October 2016. 

I have dropped by for some joyful activities like trampoline, tyre swing and product-tasting. To make things more exciting, you can have great fun and win some fantastic prizes along the way! Besides, there were a lot of great promotion going on, like get rewarded with every purchase of Anlene products worth RM 20 and above! 

However, what interests me the most is AnleneMove Check! This is a series of simple test developed by Anlene team to assess your overall movement. Anlene has done a good job since it is a great way to allow public to be more conscious about their bone health and raise public awareness on bone health. My friend paid for bone scan during health check-up and I did it for free! A lot of aunties and uncles had their check too! Basically, AnleneMove Check includes simple and easy tests to analyse your strength, balance and bone health, including back scratch test, one-legged standing balance test, one minute stand to sit test and bone scan. 

I was getting my bone scan done to know my current bone density. The process was pretty fast.

*Ignore my sun-tanned foot. XD

My test result is still normal and consultant advised me to consume milk and yogurt to maintain it. Yeah, not bad not bad, my bone is still as young as me! :D

This is back scratch test. She was measuring the overlapping part but I am not so sure about the acceptable length. I passed this too, my body is still flexible hahaha!

Next would be one minute stand to sit test. It was super tiring to sit and stand continuously for one minute but I managed to pass it! Wohoo, my muscle, bone and joint are still considered ok!

Carinn and I tasted Anlene's yoghurt products and it was quite nice! Never know that Anlene has yoghurt products too!

It was really a fun-filled day to enjoy all the activities of "Move as Young as You Feel Inside with Anlene" campaign. I am more conscious about my bone health and will continue to maintain it by consuming Anlene MoveMax™ products like Anlene gold powder, Anlene powder, Anlene yoghurt and Anlene Concentrate!

Move as young as you feel inside!

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