Thursday, 29 January 2015

Online shopping with

I always love to receive parcel due to the excitement to open the parcel. So what am I holding? It is iQueen customized box!  My parcel from has arrived! :D

The products are wrapped properly with bubble roll and placed inside the sturdy box. Professional packaging is a must for good online shopping experience as no one wants broken products. 

Simply Barley and Red Bean Water

Simply barley and red bean water are sugar free healthy drink, which are the drinks that can keep you young and vital by optimizing your metabolism. Pure natural constituents with ultra low calories content without additives like coloring, flavoring, and pesticides makes it a healthy drink which is suitable for everyone. Besides, I can put it into my bag and make a healthy drink anytime I want due to its cute and small packaging! You can add it into any drinks you like such as milk, juice, soya bean, tea and coffee to boost the nutritional value. :) 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Be Cafe - New Branch 新分店 @ Taman Molek

最近几年都很少在新山逗留, 不过还是可以从instagram知道新山区咖啡厅的蓬勃发展, 各种不同主题的咖啡厅都可以在新山找到, 和朋友喝下午茶的地方真是多不胜数.

Taman Molek是咖啡厅的集中地, 其中一间就是Be Cafe. Be Cafe新分店就跟旧店同一区, 比较小间, 但胜在温馨舒适, 是个适合喝下午茶的地方.

这里也有提供室外座位, 不过因下午天气炎热, 还是室内比较舒适.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let's shop at!

Online shopping is so popular now and there are a lot of online shops and websites available in the market. The only problem with online shopping to find the trust-able website with affordable products. If you love online shopping, you can try to shop at is originated from Taiwan famous online shopping website iQueen 愛女人購物網. It has launched in Malaysia recently on 1st January 2015!