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I always love to receive parcel due to the excitement to open the parcel. So what am I holding? It is iQueen customized box!  My parcel from has arrived! :D

The products are wrapped properly with bubble roll and placed inside the sturdy box. Professional packaging is a must for good online shopping experience as no one wants broken products. 

Simply Barley and Red Bean Water

Simply barley and red bean water are sugar free healthy drink, which are the drinks that can keep you young and vital by optimizing your metabolism. Pure natural constituents with ultra low calories content without additives like coloring, flavoring, and pesticides makes it a healthy drink which is suitable for everyone. Besides, I can put it into my bag and make a healthy drink anytime I want due to its cute and small packaging! You can add it into any drinks you like such as milk, juice, soya bean, tea and coffee to boost the nutritional value. :) 

Simply Red Bean Water

See? The sachets are really small and easy to carry. Put it into your pocket so that you can enjoy healthy drink anytime! :)

Unlike the usual sweet red bean soup with high calories, Simply red bean water is the concentrated extract of premium quality red bean without sugar. In single 2g sachet, it contains 60g concentrated red bean extract! So amazing right? :) The nutritional value of red bean is concentrated by special low temperature water extraction technology. Red bean is known to be rich with natural amino acids, vitamin and iron. It can help to boost metabolism, eliminate edema, detoxicification and boost immune system to help you to achieve healthier body. Its high iron level can give you rosy complexion by maintaining optimum hemoglobin level, making it suitable for everyone especially those in menstruation and pregnancy. Low calories level makes it suitable for those in diet. 

This product is highly recommended by TV show as shown in the youtube video above. 

Simply Barley Water

Barley is also my favorite drink but it takes time to cook a yummy barley drink. However, now you can enjoy barley drink by just adding Simply barley water powder into water. It is really easy and convenient especially for those who have no time to prepare and cook. 

Same as red bean, barley is also high in nutritional value. It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is also famous for its effectiveness in eliminating edema. It also helps to boost metabolism, whitening and moisturizing skin and give slimming effect. Simply barley water contains the essence of pure natural high quality barley without sugar and any additives.

It is in powder form. You can add 1 sachet  each time into any drinks you like.

To enjoy its natural flavor, I just added it into warm plain water.

Tada! My barley drink is done! Now I can enjoy barley drink even in hostel without any cooking utensils. Simply healthy drink is so easy to prepare!

It smells and tastes like usual barley drink! It is healthier since no sugar is added. However, if you think it is too plain for you, just add in some sugar to enhance its taste. By the way, for the sake of your health, cut down your sugar intake okay? :)

Feeling interested to buy this product? Lucky you, this product is available at website now! 

Ludeya Microneedles Bio-cellulose Mask
Intensive Hydrating and Moisturizing (PINK)
Deep Whitening and Hydrating (WHITE)
Intensive Repairing (BLACK)

There are many types of beauty masks in market but this is the first time I used bio-cellulose mask. Unlike the usual paper mask, Ludeya Bio-cellulose series is made by using the latest exclusive technology of biocellulose - Bio-Fermentation's Skingel for 21 days at very low temperature with the patented Seanol algae extract.  Seanol algae extract is best for skin repairing, brightening and hydrating, making it a suitable ingredients for facial mask. 

Moreover, Ludeya insists no artificial colorings artificial fragrance and preservatives is added so that hypo-allergenic products which is suitable for all skin types can be produced. Natural botanical essential essence is added to give your skin the best natural nutrition. Even Selina, the Ludeya ambassador who suffered from burn injury is also using Bio-cellulose mask. 

Photo taken after I applied the mask.

Bio-cellulose, which is also known as artificial skin is used as substitute for burnt skin in medical field. It is breathable yet waterproof to help to protect burnt skin. 

The structure is like human skin, which can attach on skin perfectly and enable the better penetration of essence compared to usual paper mask. All the ingredients used are clinically tested to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Effectiveness of one Ludeya bio-cellulose mask is equal to 7x mask effect. 

Intensive Repairing (BLACK)

Intensive Repairing Bio-cellulose mask is mainly to enhance skin repair, regain the elasticity and firmness of skin, relieve dehydrated skin and unclog pores. 

Unlike the watery texture of essence of usual paper mask, the essence of intensive repairing bio-cellulose mask (black) is creamy and abundant. The bio-cellulose mask is sandwiched between 2 layers of papers. Remove the white layer first then apply it on your face. After that, remove the blue layer. It is to ensure that the bio-cellulose mask can attach properly on your skin. 

Hey, the mask is attached perfectly on my skin. I can walk around without having to worry that the mask will drop on floor as it really attached tightly! It is better than usual paper mask in this aspect.



Tada! My skin is brighter and whiter! My skin is more hydrated. I really like its creamy essence as it would not flow everywhere. Penetration of essence also seems to be better than usual paper mask. 

There are 3 types of Bio-cellulose masks for you to choose based on your skin condition. This mask is recommended by Selina and also famous beauty guru, Kevin. If you are interested, log on to to purchase it! is also the exclusive retailer of authentic Ludeya products! :)

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