Friday, 19 May 2017

SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets - Halal Korean Skincare product

Watching Korean drama is indeed an eye-pleasing process. Characters are fashionably dressed, not to mention their flawless and poreless skin! As a leading cosmetics market in the world, South Korea's beauty products attract lots of consumers from all over the world, including us in Malaysia. However, since many Korean skincare products are not certified with valid halal status, some of our Malay friends would hesitant to use Korean products. I believe they would be more than happy to try them out if they are certified halal. 

As a halal skincare brand since 2007, SYAHIRAH is proud to introduce the new range of halal skincare range, SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets, which is specially formulated with latest technology from Korea. SYAHIRAH understands need of our Malay friends and finally come out with this new Korean skincare range that suits them better. SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets contains specially formulated Tri-Flower essence with ingredients from Jeju Island, Korea that provides hydrating and whitening effect, to achieve flawless skin like a Korean artiste. Tri-Flower Essence comprises of Ginseng flower, Chamomile and Green Tea that supplies adequate hydration to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. Besides, it also contains antioxidants that will reduces irritation and brightens the skin. SYAHIRAH Korean Secrets available in 2 ranges – Hydra Soft and White Glow. 

SYAHIRAH KOREAN SECRETS Hydra Soft is a special skincare range for girls who desire flawless and hydrated skin. This range comprises of Facial Cleanser Gel, Facial Scrub, Alcohol-free Facial Toner, Moisturising Facial Cream and Beauty Cream, which complete a proper beauty regimen to flawless and hydrated skin.   

Monday, 15 May 2017

Eversoft 100% Organic Cleanser

Cleansing is the most important step to have great skin. We must do it thoroughly but not overdo it. Dirt, make up, sunblock or anything that stick on your face for whole day long will clog your pores and make your skin looks dull and tired. Therefore, an efficient cleanser is needed to make cleansing step easier. For greater convenience, Eversoft has launched the new cleanser with value added benefits. 

These cleansing products make cleansing easier and less time-consuming by combining multiple cleansing steps into one step. Besides cleansing, EVERSOFT™ Tomato Micellar Cleansing Water can remove makeup and tone your skin. EVERSOFT™ Yuzu 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner is a product that is more suitable for cleansing and toning for those who do not wear makeup. Formulated with Japanese Technology and ingredients, these new cleansers are paraben-free, SLS free, alcohol free, and mineral oil free. With 100% organic extracts of Yuzu and Tomato in these cleansing products, user can have nourishing and safer cleansing experience. Healthier skin can be achieved by the organic plant extracts.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

SDS - A Date with Mum @ Fanpekka Cafe by SDS

雙親節又要到了,慘了,這就表示2017年已經過了一半,好像很多事還沒做! >< 每年雙親節,家裡都會小小慶祝一番,吃頓飯,買點他們喜歡的小禮物。不過這頓飯要去哪裡吃還真是個大問題,每年大家都討論很久,結果還是回到一樣的餐廳吃,因為他們兩個還是最愛中餐。今年的慶祝地點可能可以換一下了,因為SDS推出了健康又適合全家大小一起吃的雙親節套餐!

今年母親節前夕,有幸可以和十個幸運家庭一起在 Fanpekka Cafe by SDS同樂。這十個家庭都是參加了SDS母親節活動而幸運受邀出席的,所以請多加留意SDSFacebook page 哦,他們常常會舉辦送好康的活動!