Saturday, 31 August 2013

[DIY] Coconut tart

Aha!!Baking time!!I planned to bake something in this holiday and I did searching for some recipes online. Looking at those pictures makes me drooling! BUT till then I did not have any action yet as the problem is I don't have oven in my house~~T.T 

One day, the talented aunty invited brother and I to do some baking in her house!!Yahoo!!Happy die!

So, here come our super delicious COCONUT TART!!Yummy~~

Lalala~~The ingredients

Butter in the house~~
(Why all the tarts can smell so good,because of the butter la!)
[dunno correct or not,in my opinion la]

The making of pastry base

Mixing the filling for tarts(haven mix with coconut yet,so you cant spot any coconut here:))

Tada~The filling is ready!!Smell heavenly~~

Before putting into oven~~

Waiting for the tarts~~Be patient~Be patient~~

TADA!!Siap!!Coconut tart~~Yum Yum~~

Sunday, 25 August 2013

[DIY] Knitting~~

I planned to make a phonecase for my phone in this holiday but I was just too lazy to start~~So, last week I decided to pick up my yarn and started to knit after so long!I cannot even remember how to start my work and ended up have to search online to learn first!I used to be a pro one leh,no la no la,joke joke ^.^

I chose black colour so that even my case is dirty, it wont be that obvious~~><

Haiz,maybe because I forgot how to knit, so my progression was really slow!!><

Qiang Qiang!!Finally done!!
Then I joined it together to make a case~

RESULT ~~^.^

Not bad la hor~my phone can ngam ngam fix in~special for my phone,hahaha!!

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Hehe!! Facebook chatted with my long lost friend 贝乐米 (she is Indian and this chinese name was named by her school teacher) after so long ( I cannot even remember when was the last time we talked T.T) !! She is really a very closed friend of mine during primary school time, 我以前写纪念册的时候,我都把她写在死党栏中勒~ Feeling amazing that we still that kixiao ya~hahaha~

贝乐米,happy or not?You become the main lead in my blogspot!!HAHAHA!!

Monday, 19 August 2013

Oh No!! Is Tea Time!!

Oh no!!mouth-watering right?This is too tempting la~Instead of  English Tea Time ,this is a typical Malaysian local tea time,LOL!!

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[REVIEW]Re Della Pasta 甲虫餐厅 - Nijyumaru 二重丸 - Black Ball 黑丸 @ Permas Jaya

Yeah! a small small outing with my beloved Trigo!! Actually it was like a small tour at Permas Jaya area~never know that Permas Jaya got these many restaurants!!Really a lots until we cannot decide where to eat so we decided to share share eat in these three places~~

First place : Re Della Pasta 甲虫餐厅

We ordered kid meal there since we had more to eat later~Btw,this pic was taken after we have eaten because I forgot to take photo before that !!But both pasta tasted quite good and the meatball from the left one is juicy and delicious!!
Each kid meal : RM10

Nice ambience~

Second place: Nijyumaru 二重丸

This one is fermentated beans on top of timun(cucumber), I do not like this~~

This tea cup is very cute!!

Gyoza and cheezy fishcake (ok, this is named by me because I dunno what the name is ==)
Both RM 8
Both of these are nice!!

Beancurd in the sauce
RM 8

Third place: Black Ball 黑丸

one for RM 6.90

Quite big portion right?? ^^

很开心,老朋友的聚会,没有面具, 没有奉承,没有形象.虽然大部分讲的都是废话,但是偶而讲一讲废话可是非常有益身心的啊!



Saturday, 10 August 2013


别人的事不需要由我们的嘴巴说出来,有时候沉默才是王道 ~

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Girl in pink

Lucky me!!

Ok,事情是酱的, I won a hamper from an online lucky draw event by Snek ku, so lucky hor me!! But the point is I have to redeem it from their head office or branch which is quite far from my house, since I don't have transport to go there, I decided to give up! (Super sad !!) But the turning point is one day the company emailed me and said that they will send me this hamper via courier service since I support their event!! (super nice this company!!)

生活就是充满着惊喜的,难道不是吗?  ^0^


Selamat Hari Raya all my muslim friends!!Now only I know hari raya is not muslim new year.. == Better late than never right?? ^^

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Maximum 放大的幻想??


Saturday, 3 August 2013

sunflower. girl

我被挖角了吗?? (胡思乱想中)

Friday, 2 August 2013