Tuesday, 13 August 2013

[REVIEW]Re Della Pasta 甲虫餐厅 - Nijyumaru 二重丸 - Black Ball 黑丸 @ Permas Jaya

Yeah! a small small outing with my beloved Trigo!! Actually it was like a small tour at Permas Jaya area~never know that Permas Jaya got these many restaurants!!Really a lots until we cannot decide where to eat so we decided to share share eat in these three places~~

First place : Re Della Pasta 甲虫餐厅

We ordered kid meal there since we had more to eat later~Btw,this pic was taken after we have eaten because I forgot to take photo before that !!But both pasta tasted quite good and the meatball from the left one is juicy and delicious!!
Each kid meal : RM10

Nice ambience~

Second place: Nijyumaru 二重丸

This one is fermentated beans on top of timun(cucumber), I do not like this~~

This tea cup is very cute!!

Gyoza and cheezy fishcake (ok, this is named by me because I dunno what the name is ==)
Both RM 8
Both of these are nice!!

Beancurd in the sauce
RM 8

Third place: Black Ball 黑丸

one for RM 6.90

Quite big portion right?? ^^

很开心,老朋友的聚会,没有面具, 没有奉承,没有形象.虽然大部分讲的都是废话,但是偶而讲一讲废话可是非常有益身心的啊!



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