Sunday, 25 August 2013

[DIY] Knitting~~

I planned to make a phonecase for my phone in this holiday but I was just too lazy to start~~So, last week I decided to pick up my yarn and started to knit after so long!I cannot even remember how to start my work and ended up have to search online to learn first!I used to be a pro one leh,no la no la,joke joke ^.^

I chose black colour so that even my case is dirty, it wont be that obvious~~><

Haiz,maybe because I forgot how to knit, so my progression was really slow!!><

Qiang Qiang!!Finally done!!
Then I joined it together to make a case~

RESULT ~~^.^

Not bad la hor~my phone can ngam ngam fix in~special for my phone,hahaha!!

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