Saturday, 31 August 2013

[DIY] Coconut tart

Aha!!Baking time!!I planned to bake something in this holiday and I did searching for some recipes online. Looking at those pictures makes me drooling! BUT till then I did not have any action yet as the problem is I don't have oven in my house~~T.T 

One day, the talented aunty invited brother and I to do some baking in her house!!Yahoo!!Happy die!

So, here come our super delicious COCONUT TART!!Yummy~~

Lalala~~The ingredients

Butter in the house~~
(Why all the tarts can smell so good,because of the butter la!)
[dunno correct or not,in my opinion la]

The making of pastry base

Mixing the filling for tarts(haven mix with coconut yet,so you cant spot any coconut here:))

Tada~The filling is ready!!Smell heavenly~~

Before putting into oven~~

Waiting for the tarts~~Be patient~Be patient~~

TADA!!Siap!!Coconut tart~~Yum Yum~~

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