Sunday, 11 September 2016

What every man needs: Dashing Adventurer 2.0

Things that smell good can cheer me up, be it fragrance of good food from mum's kitchen, aroma of freshly baked pastries and breads from bakery, fresh clean smell of sun-dried clothes or pleasant fragrance of  passer-by. 

Adventurous, resourceful and inquisitive - these are the traits that are naturally present in every man. Men with active lifestyle is attractive, but not the one with body odour. In order for men to have active lifestyle while having pleasant body scent, Dashing has relaunched its Adventurer collection of EDT's, Deodorants and Roll-On fragrances. 

For many years, Dashing has always been part and parcel of Malaysian men lifestyle - the venerated purveyor of complete men's grooming range fashioned for those seeking for the peak of their confidence.  The new fragrances are specially formulated to provide long-lasting freshness, which is very much needed for active men. These two variants named BOLD 2.0 and EDGE 2.0 respectively. I really like its vibrant colours which can portray Adventurer's active and energetic feature well!

BOLD 2.0

An aquatic scent with fresh and enticing fragrance. Layers of fresh green accord with earthy notes of patchouli evokes the mild, evocative scents of aromatic freshness. A hint of moss purveys this fragrant blend a profound nuance of masculine touch for subtle and sultry kick!

I personally feel that light and fresh fragrance scent can make a man more attractive, not those heavy smelling fragrance. Some men thought heavy smelling fragrance can cover up sweat smell or smoke smell, actually it makes the condition even worse. Combination of heavy smelling fragrance and sweat smell is really a big no no. I am not that good at describing smell, but when I smell it I know it. BOLD 2.0 smells really pleasant and refreshing and is suitable for young men who is youthful, outgoing and have active lifestyle. 

EDGE 2.0

Layers of fresh citron, lemon rind and lemon leaf wafts seamlessly mingle the mild scents of geranium and greens. The hint of cedar wood adds woody undertones. Finally, a pinch of amber creates perfect yet lively blend that ends with a blissful breeze of sandalwood and moss, giving you your daily thirst-quenching shot of immediate freshness!

Besides, in this re-launching of  Adventurer collection, Dashing has introduced the latest breakthrough innovation in this product range, which is the first NO GAS deodorant spray in Malaysia. 

For your information, this NO GAS deodorant spray contains compact pure deodorant liquid that can provide up to 750 sprays per can which is able to last up to 2 months. It can be used for much longer time as compared to conventional deodorant sprays which will finish within 3 weeks since there is certain amount of gas within the conventional spray. The NO GAS deodorant spray is indeed much cheaper as you can enjoy more spray within one bottle. Moreover, the quick drying technology will make you love it more since it leaves your underarm quick dry and make you enjoy everlasting freshness throughout the day while preventing bacteria growth.

You can purchase Dashing Adventurer 2.0 product range at major pharmacies and markets within Malaysia. With its premium quality, you still can purchase it at a very affordable price.

EDT 50mL: RM 18.90
EDT 100mL: RM 34.50
Deodorant Spray 150mL: RM 18.90
Deodorant Roll-Ons 40mL: RM 6.50

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