Wednesday, 7 September 2016

BFF - B.liv Deep Impact Deep Pores Cleansing & Massage Emulsion

Recently I have serious breakout on my face. Luckily now acne have slowly died out. However, acne marks are all over my face and I face large pores problem too. To prevent another round of serious breakout because of my clogged pores, I really need something to clean deep down the pores and tighten them.

I have tried B.liv products (B.liv off with those heads) before to solve my problem and it does have effect! To clean my pores properly, I also tried B.liv Deep Impact deep pores cleansing & massage emulsion for exfoliating purpose.

I really like its natural Jojoba beads in it. Unlike the usual scrub beads, Jojoba beads are more gentle to my sensitive skin after breakout. Besides, it will dissolves after exfoliating and give protective layer to my skin, which is really good for environment compared to those scrubs with microbeads!

Plus, I really like its pleasant and gentle smell. Skin is smoother and finer after massaging with this emulsion. My skin would not be too dry after exfoliating, thanks to the aloe vera in it. Besides, it contains tea tree, kaolin and witch hazel, which are really good for acne large pores skin. The picture showed is my chin area with clogged pores problem. Eventhough clogged pores are still there (which you can see from the pictures), I really like the fact that they becomes less serious and smaller after exfoliating! These pictures were taken after the first time of using B.liv deep impact. The result is quite good I would say. :)

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