Wednesday, 31 August 2016

When contact lens meet diamonds

Diamonds are not my things but the sparkling and shining from it is undoubtedly beautiful. The refraction and reflection of light through diamonds make it stand out no matter where it is. After the successful launch of Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel last year, Bausch+Lomb has introduced another product that can make your eyes sparkling like diamonds, which is the Lacelle Diamond Daily, a daily disposable cosmetic contact lens.

Talking about diamonds, the cut on it make it sparkling and shining. With its unique pattern which is similar to light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut diamond, your eyes can shine bright like diamonds too. Since contact lens are something to put on your eyes, it is very important to ensure that the product used is safe and hygienic. As a renowned brand of contact lens, Bausch+Lomb assure the safety of users with stringent quality control on their products. 

Since I usually wear contact lens without any design or colour, I choose a more natural colour, brown colour for my first time of using cosmetic contact lens. The Lacelle Diamond Daily comes in three different colours, which are Aqua Glacier (Blue), Champagne Brown (Brown) and Pink Rose (Pink).

I prefer my contact lens to be daily disposable type since it is more hygienic and convenient as I no need to clean the lens every time before and after using.  The sterile-packed lens in saline solution is very important for the hygiene and safety of users.

Let me show you how the pattern of Champagne Brown Lacelle Diamond daily contact lens look like. The pattern is really similar to light-reflecting facets of a solitaire-cut.

After wearing Lacelle Diamond daily contact lens, my eyes appeared to be bigger due to the bigger and more defined iris. Its 13mm pattern diameter give me a doe-eyed look even when I have no single make up on my eyes! I think my eyes looks more lively with the lens on. Now I know the power of cosmetic contact lens. It does make a difference! Besides, I like my choice of Champagne Brown as it looks so natural as if that is my original iris colour! 

In term of comfort and functionality, it is quite comfortable and I have no dry eyes issue after wearing. It has good water retention and I feel my eyes can still breath well with the lens on! For your information, Lacelle Diamond Daily will be available at all major optical stores nationwide. It retails at RM42 per box and RM110 per box for 30 pieces. Maybe next time I can wear more cosmetic contact lens, since my first try is quite good! :)

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