Friday, 28 October 2016

Spritzer Slide the City @ Hutan Bandar MPJBT

15th October 2016 was really a fun-filled day as my friends and I went to Hutan Bandar MPJBT for Spritzer Slide the City! I was super thrilled when I knew that Slide the City was coming to south part of Malaysia as I always wanted to be one of those who can slide the city! For your information, since Slide The City's debut in United States during 2013, this fun-filled event has attracted more than two million peoples worldwide to join the fun, including some major cities like Japan and Hongkong in South-East Asia. Finally, this was Johor's turn to have huge waterslide taking over the city!

Can you see the long queue that waiting for their turn to slide? Passer-by was gathered around there as they were attracted by the giant waterslide that appeared at somewhere unexpected! 

While waiting for our turn to slide, we were still dry and fresh. Most of the other participants were literally wet from top to bottom! One stranger laughed and said "How can you guys be so dry when coming to Slide the City?", right before the moment we were attacked by loads of water guns by his gang of friends! So we started the war by attacking other strangers with our water guns. It was super fun!!! It was basically like Songkran Water Festival in Thailand! We became super busy to reload water guns and attack people while waiting for our turn hahaha!

Spot the colourful inflatable tube, it is super nice and photogenic! All of us picked different colours so that our group photos looked more colourful hahaha! 

Everyone cannot wait to slide on their colourful tube! A lot of friendly staffs were there to lend us a hand to pull us so that we can slide faster and would not stop in the middle of the slide. I was unsure what the reason is but we always stuck after sliding not long. Perhaps we were not skillful enough, the water flow was not strong enough or the slide was not steep enough. However, luckily there were sufficient staffs along the slide to provide help. Thumb up to those helpful staffs as it must be quite tiring to assist participants for the whole day!

After few rounds, my friends and I managed to slide better. Tips for you all: Don't let your buttock touch the slide while sitting on the tube and lift up your legs! You will slide better without stopping! It was quite fun to slide smoothly on this long waterslide while receiving watergun attack from participants passing by the slide hahaha!

Plus, eventhough it was quite hot and sunny as we came around 4pm, it was quite comfortable and cooling as the slide was shaded by trees.

We were really thirsty after rounds of sliding so we started to search for drinks. There were quite a few food trucks selling food and beverage to satisfy hungry and thirsty participants. Drinks were selling fast as it was really hot that day!

However, the public toilet there really gave us a real scare. There was no light functioning inside so we need to change in total darkness. Luckily there were a lot of girls inside so we felt safer to enter the toilet.

We got ourselves four different flavoured drinks from Spritzer. Super love the cute packaging! They tasted good too, not too sweet but fruity! :)

My friends and I were really enjoyed in this event! It has been a long time since the last time we joined water activities together. I really enjoyed sliding along the giant waterslide as it was such a new experience to me! Watergun attack really added more fun to the event and I love my pink tube so much hahaha. XD I regret not sliding few more rounds that day. Do come back to Johor so that I can slide the city again!

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