Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Be enchanted with Enchanteur Paris body care products

Women are more charming with pleasant body scent. Living under Malaysia's hot and humid weather, body care products with captivating scent are really needed. As a brand famous of its French inspired fine fragrance EDT range, the Enchanteur Paris body care products are infused with similar fine fragrances, providing women all day freshness. Ranging from body lotion and serum, down to roll on deodorant and body mist, Enchanteur Paris body care products make you prepared for active lifestyle.

The Enchanteur Paris body care range is available in three distinct charming scents, Mon Amie, Belle Amour and Adore. Each of them provides different functions to make us stay fresh and lovely from top to bottom.

With adorable pink packaging, Belle Amour series bring out the lovely and romantic side of you. Belle Amour series take care of you from top to bottom, with their in-range products - triple whitening parfum lotion, extra whitening anti-perspirant deodorant and parfum deo mist. 

Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Triple Whitening Parfum Body Lotion
RM7.50 (100ml)
RM16.95 (300ml)

Not only moisturizing effect, the body lotion gives triple whitening action. Composed of three whitening agents - Vitamin B3, Sakura and Liquorice, this body lotion provides triple whitening action with attractive Belle Amour scent. It helps to lighten and even skin tone, especially back of neck, knees and elbows. The liquorice extract and Sakura extract infused in the lotion helps lighten and evens the skin tone by preventing dark pigment or the formation of melanin. Vitamin B3, not only lighten skin tone, it also strengthens the skin barrier and helps to prevent moisture loss. The combined benefits of the 3 whitening ingredients provide five times instant fairness. I really like the non-sticky and refreshing feeling after applying the body lotion. 

Cheerful yellow packaging bring out happiness in you with Mon Amie pleasant fragrance. Casual outing with your friends would be a lively one with Mon Amie series body care products. There are light and fresh parfum lotion, double moisture parfum serum, whitening and refreshing parfum anti-perspirant deodorant and parfum deo mist in Mon Amie range of body care products.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS Mon Amie Whitening & Refreshing Parfum Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 
RM8.70 (50ml)

This lotion-based deodorant makes you feel refreshed all day long by providing 72 hours malodour protection and 24 hours anti-perspirant effect. By using this deodorant, you will remain lively and charming despite your hectic lifestyle. Its content of liquorice extract helps to fight against melanin production and lighten your underarm skin tone. The cooling sensation after applying the deodorant helps your underarm to stay dry and fresh throughout the day.

Adore body care range provides you combination of floral and fruity scent, evoking a lively impression everyday. To fight against the challenges we face everyday, healthy first line skin defense is very important. Antibacterial care parfum body lotion, whitening and soothing parfum anti-perspirant deodorant and parfum deo mist can help to protect against germs and pollutants.

ENCHANTEUR PARIS Adore Parfum Deo Mist 
RM10.10 (100ml)

This perfumed deo mist can provide 24 hours protection for all day long confidence. Easy application makes you stay attractive with mesmerizing scent. Put it into your bag so that you stay fresh and lovely throughout the day!

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