Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy

Hello, Cece is going to share her first time spa experience! Okay, I know right, this is a super delayed blogpost, but since this is my first time, I am going to share it no matter how delayed it is! :D Thanks to Butterfly Project and Worthybook, I had the chance to enjoy the antioxidant hot bed therapy by Ecoparadise. 

I had never been to The Gardens Club before and it took me some time to search for it. Never know that there is such nice corner in The Gardens! It seems like an exclusive corner for tai-tais to pamper themselves. 

I was not so sure about the direction. Fortunately, this obvious signboard led me to the right way. :)

Here you go. Ecoparadise~ :)

The person-in-charge is so friendly and nice! She was really excited when explaining us about the concept of anti-oxidant therapy. I really did take some photos of her but unfortunately she moved too fast and my camera is not that fast enough so all her photos came out to be blur. :(

A small fake bridge at the entrance.

Calming and comfortable environment.

We encounter a lot of free radical everyday, from laptops, smartphones, food intake or even the air we breath in. These free radicals will destroy our cells due to oxidative stress, thereby leading to ageing or even cancers. Getting scared? No worries, Ecoparadise anti-oxidant solution can help to remove those free radicals! Not only that we can drink it, it can be applied to various materials. For your information, the brown walls in Ecoparadise are anti-oxidant walls, they can release negative ions to neutralize free radicals in the air. Sound amazing right? :D

Here are some experiments they did using anti-oxidant solution. Amazingly, comparing to the normal water, the nail that was put inside anti-oxidant solution did not rust at all, the water remains clean and clear! Egg yolk and bread did not become rotten after treating with anti-oxidant solution!

Hot bed therapy is not like the ordinary sauna, you will not feel stuffy in the room like what you experienced in sauna room and the heat comes from hot pipes built under the hot bed! It helps to emit anti-oxidants from the anti-oxidant ceramic to the air. Besides, anti-oxidant water is provided for us to drink in the hot-bed room.

Entrance of female washroom.

My robe and towel provided by Ecoparadise.
Oh ya, we are advised to not to wear anything else except robe as we will sweat a lot during the therapy! :D

Clean and elegant washroom.

Lockers are provided for us to put our belongings. :D

Pleasant changing room

Resting place after the therapy

This is how the hot bed looks like! :D
I chose lavendar room with intermediate temperature of 43 degree celcius. 

I do not sweat much usually. I do hope that hot bed therapy can help to open up all my skin pores so that I can sweat easier. At first, as usual, I did not sweat. I just felt extremely hot especially my hands and legs as I have cold limbs problem. Seriously, I can feel that my foot was about to burn, hahaha! After some time, miracle happened. I started to sweat, not little but a lot! I was satisfied with it, I felt really refreshed after that!

After the therapy, I bathed by using pirkare soap which is made of recycled soy bean oil and anti-oxidant solution. Unlike the usual soap that can produce a lot of foams, you can hardly produce any foam but no worries, this does not mean that it did not do the cleansing job okay! 

There are some anti-oxidant products being sold too.

I was really happy to be able to join this activity and I had fun too! That's all today, happy reading! :D

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