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ART EXHIBITION - The Art of Happy Living @ The Stage WOLO, Bukit Bintang

I went to Art Exhibition at The stage, WOLO last week. 

This is the first time for me to visit an art exhibition, a free one!

I went for a dance showcase to support my friend last semester, that was my first time too. 

People always says that dancers and artists can express their feeling through dancing and drawing. 

Frankly speaking, I thought that me, the layman in both fields surely cannot understand what they want to present.

However, after the showcase, seriously, the dancers tell stories through their performance.

I was impressed.

By the way, I drew some simple illustrations too (a bit out of topic :D), check them out okay? :D

featuring VINCE LOW, the talented Malaysian Artist

 It is his first solo exhibition in Malaysia.

About Vince Low

Hailing from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, I graduated from The One Academy with a degree in Illustration. Shortly after joining Grey Group, I worked my way up from Designer to Creative Group Head and am now the Head of Illustration.

Learning the traditional way was always hard for me. Education did not come easy, no matter how hard I tried. I found solace in art. I fell in love with drawing, illustration and everything to do with art. For the first time, everything was effortless. And a string of successes soon followed. Later on in my career, my abilities led to my creative director choosing me to spearhead a project on Dyslexia. It was during this time I found out that I too, had dyslexia. 

There is beauty in the chaos of a person's mind, normal or otherwise. We just need time to discover it.

(Information is based on the poster given at The Stage)

The brief introduction raised my interest to this artist, to his artwork. 

The happiest thing in life is to be able to find passion in life and do the job you love. 

He found it and worked on it.


Natural lighting brightens up the space.

Elegant Audrey Hepburn and American boxer, Mike Tyson

Vince Low is known for his scribbling skill. 

I never know that scribbles can be this lively and beautiful.

From far, they look defined with clear outline.

Look closer, it is chaotic like tangled yarn.

I felt ashamed with my scribbles on my lecture notes and random papers hahaha!! 

Face series 

Different expressions by famous artists.

Can you recognize all of them? :D

(from left to right)
Beat it! - Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, Bruce Lee and Madonna

(from left to right)
Batman, Wolverine and Joker

Bruce Lee

Can you spot "water" inside the drawing? 

The writing is really messy until it merged into the scribble.

Oh, maybe it is part of the scribble.

Whee! The cards I got from the exhibition. :D

So, we went upstairs to the WOLO hotel lobby too!

Luckily we went upstairs, or else we will miss out on this gem.

This lamp is too nice and creative!

I want one for my future house.

Ehh, but it looks a bit creepy, it looks like a real people sitting down and reading a book.

Few pieces of irregular shaped sofas are placed there.

Unusual lamps are everywhere.

The lobby just looks extraordinary with great sense of art.

The wall behind counter is full of plastic cups I think.

My eyes were really busy that day.

There are too much of art pieces for me to discover.

Oh, I forgot to take photo of a golden horse folded by using golden paper. 

It is a huge origami or maybe the largest origami I have seen.

Me, under the huge table lamp.

No, I should not call it table lamp anymore.

It is too huge to be put on table.

It will be fun if it is adjustable.

Vintage table lamps are upside down.

They broke the tradition.

This place is confusing me in a funny way.

Maybe this is the so called "think out of the box" or " nothing is impossible".

I had fun.

The art exhibition has not ended yet. 
(from 26/6/2014 to 20/7/2014)

Pay a visit when you are free.

It is FREE entry.

Opening hours
11 am to 7 pm
11 am to 8 pm

WOLO Bukit Bintang
Level 1, The Stage

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