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[REVIEW] Absolute Thai @ KSL, Johor

Sawathiikhah, Thai food lover! Today I am going to review a Thai restaurant in Johor area. :D I attended Thai class in my last semester of third year and I love the class on conversation of ordering Thai food in restaurant the most as I love Thai food so much! Thinking of Tomyam soup, green curry chicken and mango sticky rice already made me drooling! >< Besides, it was a precious opportunity for me to catch up with my lovely Ma Chérie girls. :D 

Actually I have heard of Absolute Thai Restaurant before. I was amazed by the artistic and classy interior design of Absolute Thai restaurant at The Gardens when passing by, it looks like an art gallery! It is absolutely my cup of tea! I told my friends that I will definitely try it out one day. Coincidentally, Carinn invited us to go Absolute Thai at KSL, Johor to try out their Thai cuisines. :D  

Look! The counter is really a piece of art with the central theme of wood and brick. I love the reflection in mirror. :D

It really looks like an art gallery right? Agree? :D It is cosy for family day out and yet it can be romantic enough for couple dating. Okay, I am really satisfied with the environment, so how about their Thai cuisines? :) 

Muay Thai punch
RM 12.00

It is made with orange, apple, pineapple and grenadine syrup. A drink which is really suitable for summer!

Thai iced coffee
RM 9.00

Thai iced tea
RM 9.00

Both Thai iced tea and Thai iced tea look like three layer tea. They want to deliver the authentic Thai cuisines' taste to the customer. Therefore, instead of local tea leaves, Thai tea leaves are used when preparing Thai iced tea. I did not try these drinks but my friends said they are nice! 

Lemongrass juice
RM 8.00

I ordered this drink as it is really special. I know that curry without lemongrass is like a person without a soul but I never know that lemongrass juice can turn out to be this nice! Pleasant sweet drink with fragrance of lemongrass, it really helps to relieve spiciness of Thai cuisines. Must try! :D

Tom yam soup served in firepot (clear base) seafood for 4 person
RM 26.90 for 2 person
RM 42.90 for 4 person

How can we not try Tom Yam soup when coming to Thai restaurant? Don't you agree? :D Before attending Thai class, the second Thai word I know other than Sawathiikhah is Tom Yam leh! However, this is my first time of trying clear base tom yam soup. Unlike red base tom yam soup, it looks "innocent" like normal clear soup. However, never judge a book by its cover, it is spicier than red base tom yam soup! A lot of fresh seafood like fish slices, sotong, prawn and mushroom can be found inside.  

Tom yam soup served in firepot (red base) seafood for 4 person
RM 26.90 for 2 person
RM 42.90 for 4 person

I prefer red base Tom yam soup as the creamy coconut milk inside enhanced its taste and added taste of sweetness to balance its spiciness. Seafood is just fresh as in the clear base Tom yam soup. Freshness of seafood is the add point to the two Tom yam soups! I cannot stop enjoying the Tom yam soup eventhough it is spicy! Yummy! :D 

Green curry chicken
RM 16.90
Green curry is one of my favourite Thai cuisine. It is suitable for those who cannot endure spiciness of Tom yam as it is less spicy. :D There are a lot of tender boneless chicken meat and vegetables like long beans and eggplants in it, soaked with fragrance of green curry. Green curry is very appetizing and I am able to finish more rice with the creamy gravy. Boss, add on 1 rice please! :D

Stir-fried bean curd with hot basil leaves
RM 12.90

Another mouth-watering dish! The sweet, sour and spicy gravy made the plain bean curd tasted so good. It really goes well with rice. Ahh, I am so hungry now >< 

Thai mango salad with crispy catfish
RM 15.90

I thought it is noodles dish when it was served. So actually it is the mango that is sliced until noodles-like! 0.0 Sorry for my stupidness... Crush the crispy catfish and mix it with mango salad then serve it into your mouth, this is the correct way to eat this dish. Crispy catfish matched really well with slight sour mango salad, without each other, they would not taste this nice. :D I cannot stop feeding myself with this, it is really addicting! 

Pineapple fried rice with prawns
RM 16.90
Hey, look at the big fresh prawns, they are inviting us to eat this nice looking pineapple fried rice! A spoonful of fried rice give me satisfaction, aroma spread in my mouth, this is yummy! Oh, I am always wondering how can Thai restaurants get so many pineapple bowls, will they recycle it? No worries, Absolute Thai does not recycle their pineapple bowl, the flesh is either in the fried rice or is used to make pineapple juice. :D

Sizzling Ming Prawns with Tamarind Sauce
RM 38.90

The prawns served are really fresh, generously coated with the sauce, it excited my taste buds with combination of sweet, sour and slight spicy taste.

Thai fish cakes
RM 9.90

For me, it tastes like otak-otak but not spicy like otak-otak. Chili sauce enhanced its taste, so remember to dip fish cake with chili sauce before eat. :D

Water chestnut in coconut milk topped with jackfruits
RM 7.90
How can a dinner be complete without dessert? :D It looks really beautiful right, with the combination of yellow, pink, red and white colours. :) This is the highlight of the dinner, I love this the most! Water chestnut is coated with sagu, the texture is so special! Enjoying it with coconut milk with suitable sweetness, it just tasted too nice! It is really suitable to eat during summer time. Must try!

Mango with sticky rice
RM 11.00
You have to eat them together ( mango + sticky rice + coconut milk) to enjoy the authentic Thai taste. I kept eating the coconut milk alone. I do not know why. Maybe I am addicted to coconut milk. @@ However, compared to this, I prefer water chestnut in coconut milk topped with jackfruits. :)

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Operation time: 
Monday to Sunday 
11:00am till 10:00pm

Lot LG-22A, KSL City, 
No.33, Jalan Seladang,
Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru.

Contact number:
+607-289 0052

Email address:

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