Saturday, 5 July 2014

Ma Cherie - Johor Blogger Girls

Ma Chérie-  the Inkyfingers from Johor

The blooming of Pink Tecoma resonates with our inner self, as a blogger in this land. After being lost and blogging alone for so long, finally, it is time to bloom and prosper. Everyone of us is like a flower ready to bloom and charm the world. Even in a small town like JB, we can produce good and quality blogs. As the Pink Tecoma resembles the Cherry Blossom flower, we decided to name ourselves Ma Chérie (pronounce as " Ma Share Ri "). It means "my precious" in French. It was inspired by the Pink Tecoma that resembles Cherry Blossom flower. Just like the flowers, we have a unique and distinctive existence. Something precious to all Johoreans.

InkyFingers, is our tagline. What is Inkyfingers? "Inky" depicts writing; and "fingers" are what we use to do our work. "Inkyfingers" refers to us, the bloggers from Johor.

Proudly present to you, the 11 awesome ladies from Ma Chérie!

I am really glad to be one of them. We are 11 different people, we walk into each other life because of blogging. I am really happy and grateful to know you all! :) 

Oh ya, a great project is in the making now! Feeling curious about it? Stay tuned at our facebook page to know more! :)
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