Saturday, 19 July 2014


Hey, I am back with second week testimonial for Beautytalk Oxymask. Have you read my first week testimonial? :D 

Actually I am concerned that whether Oxymask is suitable to acne skin type or not. Don't play play, I cannot simply use any skincare products as they may not suitable to my skin! However, Oxymask contains gentle ingredients suitable for both sensitive and acne skin types. Apart from replenishing oxygen to the skin to combat offending bacteria, long-term use can help prevent new breakouts from forming, diminishes skin sensitivity and, enhances skin’s ability to self-repair and detoxify.

Besides, all the Oxymask ingredients were gentle, suggested use 3 times in a week, but also very depend on individual flavor for increase or reduce the uses number of times.

Some of you may wonder why we should give our skin more oxygen considering we are taking in oxygen all the time. Theory same as with vehicles have to refuel for supply the power of energy, the oxygen we breaths must supply to whole body organ for daily operation, however only 7% oxygen will delivered to our skin. Oxygen play very important role in maintain healthy skin. If the oxygen content is sufficient, skin cell will more supple result of highly production of collagen to keep the elasticity. Who doesn't want bouncy and firm skin? :D


After applying the mask for 3 times per week, my skin is more hydrated! Acne marks are fading slowly and less new pimples can be seen. I am concerned on the hydration of my skin since I stay in air-cond room for long period recently. The dry environment makes my skin dehydrated! >< Oxymask is the good solution for my dehydrated skin. :)

Wondering where can you get this wonderful Oxymask? Log on to Beauty"n"Me website to purchase it! Remember to like their FACEBOOK page as well if you do not want to miss any promotions and contest! :D Stay tuned for my next week testimonial! :)

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