Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ori Udon @ The Gardens

Mid Valley is the usual place for us to hang out as we can easily reach there by public transport. Recently, there are a lot of new casual eateries at the lower ground of The Gardens.  I cannot wait to try them out one by one! :) Ori Udon is one of them with cozy, homely ambience. Besides, affordable udon sets can be found here! :)

Actually we did not plan to eat at Ori Udon. In order to have an affordable lunch at Mid Valley, we searched online for some recent promotion. However, we still cannot decide where to eat as there are too many restaurants in Mid Valley, plus there are a lot of promotions going on too since it is Ramadhan month. So we decided to walk around first. After looking at the Ori Udon set menu, the affordable price straightaway attracted us, the poor students. :P Never know that there is Udon Japanese eatery at lower ground. So this is my first time here and surely will recommend my friends to come again. :)

Although it is an open air store, it is considered quite spacious with a lot of seats. It is opposite to Cold Storage and Burt's Bees. 

Set Menu
There are wide range of sets for you to choose from but what remaining unchanged in every set is the UDON. 

Mentaiko + Karaage + REFILLABLE green tea

This is ordered by my friend. This set is served with dry udon without soup. We seasoned it with chilli oil and soy sauce provided. Udon is well cooked and bouncy. Fried chicken is coated with crispy outer layer with tender and juicy chicken meat inside. Seasoning it with sweet sauce and wasabi sauce made it more appetizing! 

House special + Kakiage + REFILLABLE green tea

This is the set I ordered. Udon is really nice to eat with chewy texture, especially with the half-boiled egg. Since plain dry udon is served, I seasoned it with chilli oil and soy sauce provided and it tasted heavenly! If you want it to be served with soup, there are other sets of udon with soup for you to choose from! By the way, the portion is just nice for me, not too full but satisfied.

Kakiage served is really big and they are considerable enough to cut it into 4 portions. Otherwise it will be really troublesome to eat it. It is freshly served so it is still crispy and not oily. There are a lot of onions and carrot slices inside. I can eat it without seasoning as natural sweetness of vegetables is enough for me. :) However, if you find it too plain to eat like this, you can dip it with sweet sauce and wasabi sauce provided, it tasted nice too! :) 

LG-K01, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Gardens, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Operating hour:
Monday to Sunday 10:00 - 22:00

Facebook: Ori-Udon


  1. I love your photos!!! Very nicely taken! Your photography skills are getting better and better!