Sunday, 1 June 2014

Yut Kee 镒记海南茶餐馆 @ Dang Wangi

Yut Kee is a famous kopitiam at Dang Wangi. Yut Kee has been serving authentic Hainanese foods since 1928. Now it is managed by third generation. I love how they retain the nostalgic setting here. However, they are going to move to another location at Jalan Kamunting. The taste will be the same but I surely will miss the ambience here.

There were a lot of people waiting for their seats that day. You will have to wait for a seat especially during weekends.

Hainanese Chicken Chop

The must-try item here. I have to say I love this so much. The deep-fried chicken is still so tender and juicy with savoury gravy! It is served with potato wedges, 3 colour bits, and flavourful onions. After trying out pork chop ordered by my friend, this chicken chop is way more tender and juicy than pork chop! However, you can try pork chop too as it is delicious too!

Roasted Pork Roll
RM 15 ( 2 slices per serving)

RM 15 is actually quite pricey for only 2 slices. ( Last time was RM14! ><) However, the sophisticated making process will make you feel that this price is worthy enough. With pistachios and peach inside, the pork roll is roasted until the skin becomes golden crispy. Pairing with their homemade apple sauce, it is too delicious and special! I was really amazed by their apple sauce, it helps to balance the savoury flavour of roasted pork roll.

Phone: 03-2698 8108
Operating hour: Tuesday to Sunday 8am-5pm

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  1. The chicken chop is real nice! So missing it already! :(