Saturday, 28 June 2014


Hello! During first year, I was the committee for marketing team of college's annual dinner. It was really difficult for us to get sponsorship. Almost everyday we have to go to office to call those companies to persuade them to give us money or goodies. >< (Ok, I managed to get some magazines to put into our goodies bags after calling so many companies! I was happy and satisfied with it. At least I got something for the event after calling so many of them! ><) Not only that, I cannot even sit down and eat properly during the dinner as I was one of the committee. Ok, stop complaining! So, this year I no need to join as committee anymore so I can walk around, take nice photos and eat properly! :D

Annual dinner this year was held at Hotel Royale Chulan, Bukit Bintang. Hotel Royale Chulan is really beautiful and luxurious! Every corner is perfect spot for photo-shooting! :D By the way, I am not going to show you the hotel room since I did not stay there. So, let's photos do the talking! :D

The restaurant

The ballroom.
It is really huge and grand! 0.0

Nice flower shape with glitters on it. :)

The food this time is quite delicious! I love the dish combination (拼盘) and pumpkin soup! The portion is just nice as we managed to finish most of the dishes. :D I really do not want to see food getting wasted. :( 

This is chinese-style dinner so chopstick is a must! :D

Actually I am really curious how the sequence of dishes is created. I personally feel that fried rice can be excluded from the list as most of the time, I am so full that I cannot stuff in any fried rice anymore. Ermm, but still, there is always room for dessert! :D

Hungry people is ready to eat, but first let's me take a picture! :D 
I did not manage to take photos for the rest of the dishes as I was busy eating! :D 

This is pumpkin soup with flower crab but not shark fin soup. #saynotosharkfin

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