Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I always love how Koreans do their make up. They always look clean, natural and effortlessly beautiful. Park Sora is one of them!! She looks flawless in Stylenanda 3ce make up products! <3

So, today I am going to challenge myself by doing some Korean make up with authentic 3ce Under Eye Flash #6 African Sunset from Skincandy.co!! You can purchase it from Skincandy.co! ( RM60 each) I always love 3ce products' packaging as it is really stylish in black and simple design. You can definitely recognize their products by just looking at the simple 3ce logo and black stylish packaging.

I chose #6 African Sunset, Burgundy tone fused with brown colour as stated in Stylenanda website. To me, it is the brown colour with a little bit of red plus shimmer in it.

It is really pigmented that I do not need to touch up after that. As claimed by Stylenanda 3ce, this under eye flash is water-proof and long lasting. Are you wondering whether it is true or not? Let's me check for you since I am also curious about it! :D 

See, under the running water, the colour is still so vivid and it did not smudge at all! Amazing right? It is really suitable to be used in Malaysia since we tend to sweat a lot here. You no need to worry that your eye make up will be a disaster after staying for a period under super hot sun as it is water-proof product! :)

It is retractable so you do not need to sharpen it. The tip is soft and creamy so it is really easy to apply on your eyes and there will be less irritation to delicate skin around eyes. 

So, this is my bare tired eye without makeup.

With a thin line of K palette real lasting black water-proof eyeliner.

A layer of 3ce Under eye flash on top of eyeliner. You can draw a clean line effortlessly as it is really soft and creamy for easy application. You can use it as eyeliner or draw it under eyes to create eye-catching make up with sparkles under eyes.

LOL, I never know my eye can become this big after makeup! 0.0

Not bad right? :D

(Photo from Stylenanda website)

You can use the under eye flash like the above photo. Oh no, Park Sora is too pretty!! ><

Feeling tempted to buy 3CE Under Eye Flash but do not know where you can get it? No worries, now you can purchase the authentic 3ce products from Skincandy.co!!

 You can find brands like Bevy C, Bonanza, Miss Bow Bow, UNT and LJH Cosmetics from Skincandy.co. Recently, they have just become an affliate for LJH Cosmetics from Korea and the partner of sole distributor Lady Bird cosmetics (brand ambassador Lena Fuji) from Japan and BeiWei 23.5 from Taiwan. Stay tuned for their new products on their facebook page!


Whatsapp: +6011-1271 7270

WeChat/Line: Skincandyco

Email: skincandy.enquiry@gmail.com

Carousell : Skincandyco

Instagram : http://instagram.com/skincandyco Hashtag: #skincandyco

Here are some of the feedbacks from Skincandy.co's customers!

They also provide meetup/COD for JB and Singapore customers
For JB : City Square - Weekdays during working hour 9.00am - 5.00pm
For Singapore : Little India/ Bugis MRT- time to be advised.

For COD, do contact Skincandy.co for more details and arrangement.

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