Friday, 31 October 2014

[WEEK 3 TESTIMONIAL] Beauty Talk Be White Double Cleansing Gel

Hello! Time flies, it is already November! So this will be the third week testimonial of Beauty Talk Be White Double Cleansing Gel. Double cleansing gel is a  4-in-1 cleanser that helps to minimize pore size, hydration balance, reduce inflammation and soften fine line.

1. Daily usage
Mix with water to develop into a delicate foam. Massage evenly skin and rinse.

2. Remove make-up

Dispense the gel into dry hands. Massage onto the face in gentle and circular motion until all make-up is completely removed and rinse with water. Repeat steps for heavy make-up.


(Aiyah, the photos were taken at different places so the color is quite different. :/)


After using for 3 weeks, my skin is smoother and hydrated! The dead cells and dirt on my face is properly removed so my face seems to be brighter too! Besides, blackheads on my nose was quite obvious previously but you can see that there is less blackheads on my nose. The result is quite promising especially my stubborn blackheads. However, I think I may need to use it for longer time to verify its effectiveness in minimizing pore size and softening fine lines since no obvious result is observed. In overall, this cleanser is pretty good with the affordable price and the big volume of 200 mL.

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