Saturday, 25 October 2014

[WEEK 2 TESTIMONIAL] Beauty Talk Be White Double Cleansing Gel

I mentioned that this cleansing gel contains Iris Florentina Root Extract in the previous testimonial. The iris root scent is the "heart" in many perfumes. The aroma is mystical, languorous, elegant and soft. It is rich in isoflavones believed to enhance elasticity and decrease wrinkles via positive modulation of collagen synthesis equilibrium. It lightens freckles and improves hydration while exerting skin-specific, estrogen-like effects for overall skin thickening.

For daily usage, you can mix it with water and use it like usual cleanser. Besides, it can be used as make-up remover without mixing it with water. 

1. Daily usage
Mix with water to develop into a delicate foam. Massage evenly skin and rinse.

2. Remove make-up
Dispense the gel into dry hands. Massage onto the face in gentle and circular motion until all make-up is completely removed and rinse with water. Repeat steps for heavy make-up.
I do not wear make up frequently so I used it to remove sunblock. I felt weird to cleanse my skin with gel only as there were no bubbles. (I used to have preconception of NO FOAM = NOT CLEAN, okay, I know I was wrong.) However, it did help to cleanse my skin properly and no tightness was felt. My skin is soft and clean with pleasant smell.


No much difference can be seen from the photos but I do feel that my skin is softer, cleaner after cleansing with this gel. Blackheads are less obvious but whiteheads are still there. Maybe I need to use it for longer time since whitehead is more stubborn. 

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