Saturday, 4 October 2014

[TESTIMONIAL 3] Beauty Talk Be White Refine Toning Lotion

I am back with the last testimonial for Beauty Talk Refine Toning Lotion! This time I am going to use it on my hair!

Refine Toning Lotion is a multi-purpose cooling lotion which contains a Nobel Price super antioxidant- Fullerenes. It is capable to neutralize free radicals, minimize production of melanin, dark spots, fine lines, sagging and dull looking skin. Due to its powerful properties, this product can be used for head to toe.

This is how my hair looks like after waking up. My hair will become very messy after sleeping. My hair tends to curve here and there which I dislike the most! >< I usually have to tie them up so I can hide my messy hair.

I usually comb my hair without putting any hair care product on it. After putting on Beauty Talk Refine Toning Lotion, my hair is more obedient and looks healthy. 

Healthier hair as Refine Toning Lotion can help to restore back moisture. You can apply it when hair is warm wet after showering and after drying the hair.

Feeling interested to feel the goodness of this product? Log on to Beauty"n"Me website and facebook page to find out more! Stay tuned for another Beauty Talk product, have a nice weekend! :-D

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