Saturday, 1 November 2014

UBER has arrived in Johor Bahru!

Yeah, you heard me right, UBER has officially launched in Johor Bahru! UBER app is a mobile app which enable you to request private chauffeur service by just few simple steps. No kidding, it is very simple and convenient! It is now available in Android, iPhone and Windows.

I reached the venue, Eight lido by taking UBER car. The first time experience was a pleasant one. 

Below is the illustration about my first experience of taking UBER! :)

I forgot to draw it inside, UBER is FREE app yo!

I am glad that there is another option for me to explore Johor Bahru other than taxi! :) 

The crowd was paying attention to the speech given by Mike Brown.

Mike Brown, the regional general manager explained to us how UBER works and benefits both riders and drivers. It was an enjoyable night and we had fun! :) 

Feeling interested to try out UBER? Faster download UBER app to have a pleasant ride like me! :) 
Remember to key in promo code rif4l to get RM30 off your first ride!


  1. waww an exclusive driver.. Very gentlemen to open a door for you :)

    1. Ika, they r really gentlemen! You can also try uber ride by using my code! :)