Friday, 25 April 2014

Famous Hon Kee Porridge 汉记靓粥 @ Petaling Street 茨场街

After hearing some good comments from my friends, my friend and I decided to go petaling street for this famous porridge. Hon Kee Porridge has been operated since 1959, even before I was born.

The stall is located opposite to famous longan drink's stall ( with 'AIR MATA KUCING' signboard). We came in the morning and the stall already crowded with people. There are only few tables available at the stall so we had our seats opposite it. 

Raw fish Porridge 生鱼粥
RM 6.50
( +RM 1.00 for yao cha kuai 油条)

Tada, I ordered raw fish porridge! The raw fish is served separately with plain porridge with sesame oil and spring onion on top. You can either eat the raw fish separately or mix it into the piping hot porridge like what I did. The porridge is hot enough to cook the fish completely, so no worries. :D

The fish is fresh and not fishy at all. Fish is sliced until quite thin so that it can be cooked completely. The amount of fish is more than enough. The porridge is smooth with fragrance of fish, sesame oil and those spring onion and ginger! It was flavorful enough so I did not add any soy sauce. Soy sauce and pepper powder are provided in case you need it. However, since that was a super sunny day, I sweated a lot after I finished the whole bowl of porridge. 

Some random shots when walking around.
Hello caucasian! :D

There were a lot of tourists during that day.
I was one of them.

People everywhere. 

Super sunny day. 
I was really stupid until I did not bring umbrella that day!
Super hot and sweaty.

Temple nearby petaling street.

Random shot while waiting for my friend.

More and more...

How to go Petaling Street by public transport?
Depend on where you board LRT train, stop at Pasar Seni Station and then walk out of the station. You can see mural painting and river (or longkang?!)  at your left hand side. Walk down staircase and walk to shops at right side. Walk until the end then cross the road. Continue to walk until you see the road as showed in the photo above. Cross the road and you are in Petaling Street! 


  1. Tried this before too :)
    Loving the texture of the porridge and the fresh fish slices.
    You made me miss the food there so much.

  2. Pincess, yaya, it is really nice!
    huiying, agree with you!