Friday, 25 April 2014

Food all the way from Shanghai!!!

Pejoy chocolate stick with red wine filling 
Pocky milk tea stick

Thanks to roomate's coursemate who just came back from Shanghai, I got the chance to try out these special flavors' Pocky! The left one is chocolate stick with red wine flavor filling within the stick while the right one is milk tea flavor. I was attracted by the red wine & chocolate flavor as I never eat Pocky with filling before!

So the above one is milk tea flavor's Pocky, it was too sweet for me and tasted exactly like... milk tea?! Ok la, I don't like this. I think real milk tea will be better. :D So, how about red wine & chocolate flavor?

Actually, the whole stick is chocolate flavour! I thought it is covered with chocolate coating like the milk tea one but actually it is not. I found out that all Pejoy sticks are like this, which is different from the traditional Pocky sticks. But I cannot show you the cross sectional image of it as I accidentally deleted the photo! >< I have to say it tasted really good! The red wine filling is not as bitter as real red wine and the combination of chocolate and red wine is not bad. 


Hehe! So these are Doraemon's favourite food, Dorayaki! I shall call them mini torayaki as they are much smaller than the normal torayaki that I see in market. Upper one is yam flavor while the lower one is red bean flavor. This will be the nice snack to eat when you are not so hungry. 

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