Sunday, 13 April 2014

[REVIEW] Holika Holika Dessert Time Pudding Pack Part 1

Who doesn't love pudding? I still love to eat pudding even though I am not a kid anymore. Since when Holika Holika started to produce puddings instead of cosmetic and skincare products? No, they are not puddings but masks! I almost get cheated by their lovely packaging, they really look like pudding that I usually eat! 

In fact, they are wash off mask packs with pudding like formulation. There are 4 flavors for Dessert Time Pudding Pack, which are Blueberry, Pineapple, Melon and Orange. Each of them have different functions to make the skin healthy. :D In this post, I will be reviewing Blueberry and Pineapple flavors first. :D

Direction to use:  
1) Apply an appropriate amount on face, avoid eyes and lips. 
2) After 10-15 minutes, rinse off with lukewarm water.

Blueberry Pudding Pack
RM 8.90 each
Nutrition/ Elastic
It contains blueberry extracts which provides elastic and moisture to the skin.
It also contains acerola, mango, durian extracts which provide rich amount of vitamins and minerals to the skin.
Woah, it actually contains mixed fruit extracts, even durian is included! Such a mind-blowing product! 0.0 I asked my mum to try out this flavor since I got four of them but I only have one face. >< After using this pudding pack, her skin looked hydrated and brighter! Plus, I love its fruity and pleasant smell. The portion seems small in the photo but it actually quite a lot. It actually can be used for 2 to 4 times. It depends on the thickness you apply. I prefer to apply thin layer as it will be easier to be washed off.

Pineapple Pudding Pack
RM8.90 each
It contains proteolytic enzymes (bromelain) and pineapple extract which have exfoliating effect. It also contains figs, apples, grapefruit, tomato extracts which provide soothing effect to the skin.
My skin looked dull that time so I chose pineapple flavor. As what you can see from the photo, it has jelly-like texture. It smells good too! My skin looked brighter and smoother after I used it. Regarding its exfoliation function, since it is not the usual scrub or exfoliating gel,  I actually cannot see any shed dead cells but my skin became less dull and smoother.

With pudding mask on. HEHE!