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Exclusive Preview of Zodiac Collection by XES Signature

Hello, I am sure that most of you know about XES brand right? Currently, there are more than 80 outlets all over Malaysia. XES offers comfortable, trendy, affordable footwear which suits to wide range of customers. No matter you are ladies, men or children, you sure can find a pair of XES shoes that is suitable for you. I bought shoes from XES too as their shoes are really comfortable. 

Recently, XES launches the new label, XES Signature to create a more high-end look. The first series of XES Signature will be The Zodiac Series. Are you kidding me? Zodiac Series?! XES team is really creative to think of this idea! Never know that zodiac can be adopted in this way! 

XES Signature
Bring out your personality
The above picture showed the Zodiac Series by XES Signature. I like to read about zodiac signs and I think XES Signature did a great job in designing this series. These heels indeed bring out the different personalities of each zodiac sign! 

Eeewen Teoh was the emcee of that day. Are you feeling curious about what is under those yellow clothes? Be patient, scroll down to find out what is inside! 

Gorgeous XES white angels revealed The Zodiac Series under the yellow clothes one by one. They were wearing The Zodiac Series during the fashion show too!  

RM 139.90
Available Colors: Purple, Black
Personalities: Gentle, Caring, Loyalty, Adaptable and Responsive
My friends with cancer zodiac sign are elegant, soft and caring, I believe they certainly will love this heels! 

RM 139.90
Available Color: Red, Black
Personalities: Practical, Precise, Analytical, Helpful and Reliable

RM 139.90
Available Colors: Black and White
Personalities: Disciplined, Reflective, Passionate, Resourceful and Dynamic

RM 139.90
Available Colors: Red and Black
Personalities: Timeless, Realistic, Efficient, Ambitious and Mature

Group photos of local celebrities with XES white angels

RM 149.90
Available Colors: Black and Beige
Personalities: Creative, Adventurous, Highly Intelligent, Thoughtful and Humorous
This will be the nice heels to match with casual outfit. It looks really comfortable and casual!

RM 149.90
Available colors: Black and Red
Personalities: Balance, Graceful, Diplomatic, Idealistic and Hospitable
This is simple yet fashionable. I love this pair very much even though I am not Libra!

RM 149.90
Available Colors: Black and Beige
Personalities: Relax, Ambitious, Confident, Loyal and Encouraging

RM 139.90
Available Colors: Black and White
Personalities: Like to be in the centre of attraction, Energetic, Clever, Imaginative and Witty
This bling bling Gemini heels sure will help you to stand out in any gala dinner!

RM 139.90
Available Colors: Black and Red
Personalities: Forward-Thinking, Inventive, Clever, Original and Humanitarian
The design of this Aquarius heels is quite unique but still looks comfortable. :D

RM 149.90
Available Colors: Cream and Black
Personalities: Likeable, Energetic, Compassionate, Devoted and Imaginative
This pair of heels looks feminine yet stylish!

RM 149.90
Available Colors: Black and Beige
Personalities: Well-Organised, Dependable, Persistent, Loyal and Patient

RM 139.90
Available Colors: Black and Beige
Personalities: Independent, Courages, Generous, Optimistic and Enthusiastic
This photo is a bit blurry, so below is the photo taken from XES Shoes facebook page.

 Crowd spotted at XES booth in Malaysia International Shoes Festival 2014 (MISF)! 

'Superior comfort for happy feet'
The new tagline by XES brand

This Zodiac Series is really comfortable yet fashionable. I am sure that you are attracted to one of this 12 heels! Support this local brand with superior quality! You can check them out at any XES outlets nationwide or visit XES Facebook Page or XES website for more information. 

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