Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Oxydrinks Testimonial

RM 19.90
3 sachets x25g

Oxydrinks is healthy drink containing blended natural wholegrain, legume, vegetable, oat, seaweed and herbs. By just pouring in hot water, a healthy drink is prepared, so easy right? :)

It can be added into any cuisine to add nutritional value to the dish. It is also the best choice for quick meal or snack for those who are in diet since it is high in nutritional value yet low in calories. The high dietary fiber content also makes it suitable for people suffers from constipation. :) It is suitable for all range of people, including growing children, adults and also elderly. It is really simple and convenient to prepare.

After pouring in hot water, the aroma of Oxydrinks really made me craving for it! Since no flavoring and sugar is added, original flavor of ingredients of Oxydrinks can be tasted. I felt healthy after drinking Oxydrinks! :)

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