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Youth United Festival 2014 presented by Honor 6

Last Sunday (14 December 2014) was pretty exciting for me as I attended Youth United Festival 2014 presented by Honor 6 at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam ( open car park) ! :D It was FREE entry! For your information, Youth United is a platform envisioned to engage, inspire and celebrate Malaysian youths who are studying in Malaysian educational institutions nationwide. Youth United wishes to provide opportunity for talented youths to unleash their awesome potential. 

Even though the weather was super hot that day, the crowd got bigger and bigger as there were a lot of interesting and exciting activities going on! :) Some of the exciting activities included celebrity bazaars, food trucks, blogshops, BMX demo, drift car demonstration, lucky draw for amazing prizes, futsal with celebrities, meet and greet with celebrities and many more.

My first stop was Youthzibition generated by Gen.Y Harian Metro. Students exhibited their work on photography, painting and illustrations, and paint graphics. Some works are really nice and I voted for my favorites. In the end, the top winner for Photography category, Painting category and Illustration category was Nur Fadhila binti Mohd Faudzie from Universiti Teknologi MARA, Nur Hidayah binti Ab Halim, from Universiti Teknologi MARA, and Ismail Ibrahim Mohamed Almahdi from UNITEN respectively. Each winner walked away with an Honor 6 Smartphone.

It is not easy to draw under the scorching sun. Salute them!

The crowd witnessed electrifying rounds from top hundred students who duelled each other for the best race time in Youth Games, activated by Honor 6 on an exciting mobile game Asphalt 8. 

After walking around under the burning sun for a while, I entered the Youthlab, the only air-cond place to listen to inspiring talk on volunteerism by Zhariff Afandi, CEO of The Zhariff Initiative. Youthlab is sparked by Maybank, Co-Sponsored by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, and driven by Proton and R3. The following sharing sessions were by entrepreneurs and celebrities like actress-cum-entrepreneur, Intan Ladyana, actor Zul Yahya and  members from Bunkface! and Kyoto Protocol. 

Gen.Y Harian Metro booth was the booth that I stopped by for the longest time as I joined their T-shirt designing contest! :) 

Some creative paintings by students.

We were trying our best to design the T-shirt to win away awesome price like Polaroid camera, Starbucks card and H&M gift card! Can you spot my design? Hehehe :D By the way, I won the third prize for this designing contest! Thank you, the friendly Gen.Y Metro Harian promotion team! :)

Siswa Minda Sihat booth was there to promote healthy living tips and raise awareness of crowds especially youths about healthy lifestyle. 

Crowd loved football games the most! A lot of people gathered here to witness the exciting football matches. Student football teams competed against each other in the Intervarsity Futsal Challenge, activated by Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils, co-sponsored by Revive Isotonic. The champion was UM B from University Malaya, who emerged as winners and walked away with RM 5,000 cash and a trophy. Fans also played against Fahrin Ahmad, Roy Azman, Azrul Raja Lawak, Aidil Aziz, Farid from band 30 Cent, and Fiq from television show, Mentor in a round of friendly celebrity futsal.

Test drive car was available at Proton booth! Crowd was anticipated to test them out. :)

This was one of the activities that amazed me! Exciting drift demonstration by the Prince of Drift, Tengku Djan Ley, and Team PROTON R3 attracted crowd to witness their skillful move!

Did you see that? Did you see that? Skillful international athletes, FISE crossed above these beautiful ladies using BMX bikes! Great show indeed! :D

Besides, Elite, Zul Yahya, and Intan Ladyana were here for their celebrity blogshops! Fans were excited to buy things and take photos with their favorite celebrities. How can a festival be complete without food?! There were a lot of local food vendors like The Pisang Cheese, Babarittos, Cheesy Heart, Sandwich Boys Bar, and more to satisfy our tastebuds. Luckily sheltered place was available for me to enjoy my lunch! :D

I would like to highlight one of the food vendors that I like which is Sandwich Boys Bar! This is quite hard to find such a huge sandwich with a lot of yummy stuffs inside at only RM 5.00! Friendly customer service made their sandwich tasted even more delicious! :D

Yummy food trucks like Sangkaya Creameries, BurgerGilerPower, Cowboys Food Truck, Baden2 On Wheels, and La Famiglia were there too! Unfortunately, I was unable to try any of the food trucks as the huge sandwich made me felt super full! I will definitely have a try next time! 

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The night carried on with exciting performances by Malaysia’s top rock bands such as Bunkface!, Kyoto Protocol, Hyper Act, IamNeeta as well as top performers such as Elizabeth Tan, Hunny Madu and Kayda, Faizul Sany, Azhael, Aisyah Aziz and Caprice. The event was free entry for the public and many came to give their support for the local performers.

I enjoyed a lot during this Youth United Festival 2014. Thanks to Youth United, Honor 6 and other awesome sponsors! I am awaiting for Youth United Festival 2015 now! :D

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