Monday, 18 August 2014

Tous Les Jours @ WOLO, Bukit Bintang

I am always amazed by this breath-taking building whenever I passed by Lot 10. Beautifully designed with transparent wall and red brick wall, it made me feel that I was somewhere in foreign country. 

Tous Les Jours is a French inspired bakery franchise from South Korea, serving wide range of breads, cakes, pastries and beverages. Tous Les Jours means "Everyday" in French.  

Wohoo! I love high ceiling eventhough I am not tall at all! These hanging candle light chandeliers are super nice!! I want a mini one in my future house,hahaha! All thanks to natural lighting, the whole building looks bright and comfortable. Otherwise, creepy vampire drama scene can be easily created with those chandeliers.

Every corner is so beautiful. I cannot stop shooting photos here and there. There was even a group of youngsters brought tripod stand and professional shooting instruments to here for some photo-shooting! 

For candle light chandeliers, light bulbs are used instead of real candles.

Okay, enough for the nice interior design, let's us look at their pastries, bread and cakes! I love the way they placed their pastries, looking like a great pastry feast! :D 



The breads that we chose

Sweet Potato Bread
RM 4.20

I picked this as I have never tried this flavor before. I was super curious how would it taste like. Its appearance is also much different from normal bread.

From the cross sectional area, you can clearly see that it is coated with cake crumb, with layer of fluffy bread and layer of sweet potato paste. Different texture of them did magic! It is so different from usual bread, it is more like a dessert perhaps? Sweetness of sweet potato paste is just suitable for my liking. This is the my favorite among all the breads I tried. However, this might be the most expensive bread that I have eaten. 

Cranberry Apple Cream Cheese Bread
RM 3.90

This bread looks normal from appearance but it's name sound complicated.

With generous amount of filling inside the fluffy bread, I will be very full if I eat the whole bread. Sweetness and sourness of cranberry and apple enhance the taste and texture, making cream cheese less greasy. I prefer cream cheese which is lighter.

Milk Bread
RM 3.80

Making with pure milk and flour without water added, the whole bread is so MILK! Fluffy milk bun which filled with light milk cream inside, I really like it, simple and nice. Pink milk bun which is strawberry flavor is available too.

RM 3.30

It would be better if it can be more buttery.



 Jalan Bukit Bintang,

 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


+603-4065 0088

Opening Hours: 

8am - 11pm (Daily)