Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Food Foundry @ Happy Mansion, Section 17

I have been staying in Petaling Jaya for few years and yet I have not visited many cafes nearby. Food Foundry is a cozy and homely restaurant located at Happy Mansion. :) You can easily notice Food Foundry at ground floor of Happy Mansion. It is a small restaurant well furnished with white theme. It is really a big contrast compared to old building there. 

Instead of air-conditioned indoor space like many cafes, Food Foundry is an open air eatery. Since we went there during late evening and plus weather was quite good that day, it was not really hot. I wonder is it hot to dine in during afternoon. 

I was attracted by this butterfly wall when I came to Happy Mansion another day. So this time I chose a table which is near to this wall. I do not think that those are real butterflies, maybe just paper butterflies. They made the simple white brick wall more unusual and beautiful.

Some pretty woody containers on the table. I love Stella's watermelon purse, it is so cute!! :) 

Cajun Chicken Burger
RM 18.00
Chicken thigh marinated in cajun spices is served with tomato slices, lettuce and onions. All the burgers, sandwiches and wraps are served with fries.

Chicken is quite dry for me but it is well marinated. Nothing is special about french fries. Bun is considered soft. Ermm, it is not so bad but I would not consider it to be the MUST TRY. 
Classic Club Sandwich
RM 18.00

It is indeed a hearty and healthy sandwich. Honey mustard mayonnaise enhances the taste of this pretty plain sandwich. This serving is too big for me so I dapao the remaining half for dinner. It tasted better than Cajun Chicken burger. 

I think I love their cakes more! :) I have heard of many positive comments on their mille crepe, some even said they tasted nicer than Nadeje's mille crepe. How can I miss the chance to try it out! There are a lot of flavors for you to choose from, including the basic one like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango and  special one like almond salted caramel mille crepe.

Take-away is put in humble brown paper bag. I love paper bag! :D

Vanilla Mille Crepe
RM 10.00
It is smaller than mille crepe served in Nadeje. It is light and soft. Vanilla flavor will never go wrong, decent and not too sweet. I like this! :D

Operating hour
Mon to Sun
11.00 to 22.00

BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia



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