Tuesday, 2 September 2014

[Hishop] Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam - Deep Cleansing

Wohoo! This is my first pink Hishop box! Hishop is a Malaysia's online beauty store that sells wide variety of 100% genuine beauty products including some international brands. So what is inside my pink box? It is something I like! :D

The product is wrapped properly to prevent leakage. Cash voucher of RM 20 is inside too! :D

Whee! It is Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam Deep Cleansing! It is my first time to try out Deoproce product, all thanks to Hishop. :)

This cleansing foam has 3 main features, deep cleansing, pore care and moisturizing.

1) Deep Cleansing 
Rice powder and rice bran deeply scrub and cleanse even tiny dead skin cells

2) Pore Care
Mixed cereal extracts rich in protein even out skin texture and tone

3) Moisturizing
Purifying, moisturizing, and calming effect with rice water for irritated skin after exfoliating.

It is recommended for rough and tired skin as it can help to smoothen and even out skin texture and tone, bringing back your smooth skin with radiant complexion. 

Besides, it does not contain animal ingredients, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicon, sulfate surfactant and talc. These ingredients are often the culprits that causing allergy and irritation to skin. Therefore, it can be used by all skin types.

It is sealed with silver sticker so that no broken product will be accepted.


Everything is carefully sealed.

It is not too watery with pleasant rice smell. Unlike usual facial scrub, it contains tiny rice powder and rice bran which can help to exfoliate and cleanse pore gently without hurting skin. 
I used rice water to cleanse my face occasionally during teen age as it can help to moisture my skin. The cleanser does the same thing! :)

After using Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam - Deep Cleansing

Direction to use:
1. Dispense an appropriate amount, fully lather with lukewarm water.
2. Wash face with massaging motion.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

After using the cleansing foam, my skin is smoother and cleaner! Make up can blend easier with my smoother skin! Plus I super love its fragrance, it is so natural and comfortable! It is really cheap to have such a great product with big volume. It is about the size of my conditioner, I think I need some time to finish it up. :)

Feeling interested to purchase this cleansing product? Click on the link to know more about it! :)

Log on to Hishop website to make your purchase now! :) Good news for my readers, you are entitled 15% rebate on your total bill by just keying in SINTENG upon check out yo! :D 

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