Tuesday, 6 May 2014

[REVIEW] High Definition Photo Tag

Hello, have you read my military tag's blogpost before? Go and read it now before this post as this dog tag is the upgraded version of the previous dog tag! As what you can see from the above photo, this is a customized military tag with high definition photo! It is really meaningful item as you can put your most precious one on a keychain or necklace and bring them anywhere you go. I chose to bring my family along. I shall cover my family's face with smiley face, hehe! 


Again, you can include five line of details with 14 characters each for embossed wording and submit a photo for them to customize this tag for you. 

Products included:
1 x Stainless steel photo tag (Free embossing)
1 x Color Rubber silencer
1 x Stainless steel keychian ring or 15 cm stainless ball chain or stainless steel string (+RM3.00) or 70 cm stainless steel ball chain (+RM8.00)

Besides, there are different colors of rubber silencer for you to choose! You can choose a colour that is matchy with your photo. There are blue, yellow, brown, white, red, black and greycamo for you to choose! :D So many colors right? I had hard time when choosing color for my dog tag! ><

The backside of my tag.
I think it looks good even without the rubber sliencer! :D

Previously I was worried about the quality of photo on the tag since this is the first time for me to get photo printed on tag. For the photo, I personally think that it is clear enough and it is really high definition! The photo is not blurry and colour is still clear and sharp. I am satisfied with it! Oh ya, the embossed part would not effect the photo side. You can see that the surface of photo side is still flat without traces of embossing!

Feeling interested? Order it now at their website!! There are a lot of products other than military tag! 

Do check out at their WEBSITE, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER or FACEBOOK for more information.

Good news! Get your free mmt logo keychain tag at every RM100 purchase at Malaysia Military Tag!

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