Saturday, 22 March 2014

My first personalized military dog tag

 Sneak peek!! Guess what is inside this stylish metallic box? :D 

Ok, never mind, I am too excited to announce myself!
 Yes!! My first personalized military tag is inside!

I have a thing for personalized things, especially accessories. (I do not know who can resist it!!) I gifted a customized mug to my best friend during secondary school life and as expected, she loved it so much! I always want to get myself a customized necklace but those elegant customized necklaces are just too mainstream. So, finally I managed to get this stylish and versatile military dog tag!

Originally, military dog tags were worn by US military as their standard issue dog tags. The company is so creative that they make it an accessory! Besides, I said it is versatile as it is not just an accessory, it can be the life saving item as you can include important information like blood type, allergy, or any life threatening disease in this tag to ensure immediate action can be taken during emergency case. For kids and elderly who tend to lost their way to go home, address and phone number can be included too.

 This is the standard silver double military dog tags package, including 
> 2 Personalized Embossed Standard Military Tags
> 2 Black Rubber Silencers
> 1 x 27" Spec Stainless Steel Chain
> 1 x 5.5" Spec Stainless Steel Chain.

The company is so considered to provide the rubber silencers which you can wear it around the tags so that no noisy sound can be produced! ( I do not want to walk around with the annoying sound. Cling Kiang Cling Kiang, Ding Ding Ding is coming! ><) 2 chains are provided, the longer one can be used for necklace while you can use the shorter chain when you want to turn it into a keychain, it is really versatile! (like Transformer?!) The tags and chains are made from high quality stainless steel, so you not need to worry that it will rust due to sweating, you can wear it whenever you want. :D
Plus, you can customize each tag up to 5 lines, each line up to 14 characters. Since there are 2 tags included, it will be a great couple item! You can just include any mushy, lovey words to express your love in the tags. :D

So, these are how the short and long chains look like. You can wear it with or without that rubber silencer, just style it the way you like. :D One more thing, the whole package costs RM40 only, it is quite affordable to have all these items in the package!

Feeling interested? You can go to their WEBSITE or FACEBOOK to obtain more information. Besides, they are selling customised HD photo military tag too!! Do check out at their website, certainly you will love the vivid colour!


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