Tuesday, 21 January 2014

[REVIEW] Nanowhite Infinity CC Cream SPF50

Thanks Nanowhite for the gift! ^ ^ I was curious what product they will send me as they did not tell me at first. I was so excited when I saw CC cream inside envelope!!I always wonder what is the difference between BB cream and CC cream, will there be DD cream, EE cream or even ZZ cream in future? LOL! Finally I can try out CC cream~What I got is Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction SPF50 PA+++ (Natural Beige)

You can read the description and directions for use inside the photo above. CC, the abbreviation of Color Correction, basically is to adjust your skin's color tone. Photo-perfect coverage, that's means no more photoshop is it?Ha!! sound interesting!

Natural Beige

The texture is watery but not until runny. It can be spread out easily on skin. It smells like foundation and does not leave sticky and oily feeling to my skin. However,for those who have fair skin, Natural Beige will make your skin tone become darker, so Light Beige maybe suit you better. 

After application
It help to even my skin tone as it covered tiny brown spots on my skin, and it makes fine lines less obvious and my skin becomes smoother. Coverage is still ok and with SPF50, I think it is nice to be used as daily basic for day out.

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