Sunday, 19 January 2014

Famous penang foodddd

Penang Hainanese Loh Mee at Hai Beng Coffee Shop

RM 4.00 per bowl

Actually I do not know how a nice lor mee taste like before this so I do not really love Lor Mee~The first time I ate Lor Mee was during primary school which was sold in school canteen. It costed only RM 0.50 (or RM1.00?? I cannot remember, bad memory!><) and I thought that is how Lor mee taste like, not really amazed me but can fill up my stomach.
(What to expect with this cheap price wor~)
Until I ate this hainanese loh mee at Hai Beng Coffee Shop, I think I start to like Lor mee!!
With the special garlic sauce and  sambal, it tasted really good!!Highly recommended to add in the garlic sauce in your mee!Besides, with the price of RM4.00, it is really worthy as it is quite big in portion and you can find slices of braised meats and egg inside~
This is located opposite to Wisma Perkeso.

Teo Chew Cendol Penang Road

This stall was really crowded that time but they served very fast~ There is another cendol stall opposite to it but people all crowded at this stall~

RM2.10 each

Many people just stood there and ate and we did just the same. It was really good to have cendol on sunny day!! After adding ice, the coconut milk was still thick and not diluted! Combining with sweet gula melaka syrup, soft cendol (I really do not like frozen hard cendol ><) and big kidney red beans, it perfectly relieved my thirstiness!!

Their website.

After that, we went to shop near to this stall to have penang laksa. Ermm, I am not really a penang laksa lover so I would not comment about it but my friends said it tasted good too~

You can park at a parking area ahead of this store and walk to here but parking fee is needed.

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