Thursday, 30 January 2014

[REVIEW] Lemon Tree Restaurant @ Taman Melodies,Johor Bahru

I bet many of you know "Lemon Tree" this song right? ^ ^ A song that brings back a lot of memories (maybe not for the younger generation T.T) With the name of "Lemon Tree", I assumed that this restaurant would be a homely, cosy and relaxing restaurant and in fact, it really is! 

According to the boss, Mr Bong, Lemon Tree Restaurant has been operated for 11 years.(woah, so many years!) Lemon Tree Restaurant serves Western and local dishes with really affordable price. It is quite hard to find cheap but tasty Western food nowadays~ However, with cheap price, they still aim to serve food with good quality! ( Thumb up ^ ^) Plus, they serve no pork, lard and alcohol to suit multiracial culture of Malaysia. 

Besides, they offer catering and buffet service too. They are able to provide variety of tasty foods especially Western fine dining dishes like canapes, chicken chops and tapas with good quality and affordable price of minimum RM20 per head in your event. So, lets take a look at their environment and food! :)


Look really clean and cosy right? Spot the monochrome photos and bottles on the wall? It gives the restaurant a touch of retro style~

This is another compartment of this restaurant which is used for private functions purpose, a totally different style!! It is more modern  compared to another part.

Since Chinese New Year is coming soon, red decoration items could be seen everywhere~ ^ ^

Cappuccino milk shake
RM 8.00
Normally I will not order drinks containing caffeine, but that day I just wanted to try out this cappuccino milk shake and it did not dissapoint me :) It is not too bitter for me and I love the rich texture of it.

Tuna Bruchetta Cheese Bread
There are generous amount of tuna and cheese on top of crispy bread slices. Tomatoes and cucumber slices on top enrich its texture and make it look nicer. A good start for my dinner :)

Home-made Cream of Mushroom
This mushroom soup is one of the chef recommendation containing 5 types of mushrooms with crunchy bread on top. I love how I can taste abundant of chopped mushrooms and onions in it. Besides, it is not too salty :)

Tropical Hawaiian Pizza
Oh no!! Look at the cheese!! With tomato sauce as base and generous amount of pineapple cubes, chicken hams, onions, green pepper and melted mozzarella cheese as toppings, it created nice combination of colours and it tasted good too :) 

Island Seafood Pizza
With thousand island sauce as base, prawn, tuna, onion slices, squid and mozzarella cheese as toppings, it is just too tasty! I prefer this over Tropical Hawaiian Pizza as I love seafood :) It is highly recommended by chef and a MUST TRY item in this restaurant ^ ^ Besides, pizzas served here are 9 inch pan pizzas and there will be additional charge of RM3.00 if you want to add more cheese on pizza.

Mix Fruit Salad
The combination of fresh fruits and specially prepared salad sauce is just too nice! Orange juice is added in salad sauce, making the sauce lighter and healthier. :)

New Zealand Air Flown Rib Eye Steak
I do not eat beef so I would not comment about this. :)

Medium well

Spaghetti Hawaiian
Spaghetti is well cooked with tomato sauce and chicken hams, giving savoury and appetizing flavour. Plus, it is quite cheap to have such tasty spaghetti with this price. Another must try item here :)

Spaghetti Seafood Alio-Olio
Look at the prawns! (Drooling now><) I like unshelled prawn as I do not like to unshell prawn :P There are fried fish, baby tomatoes and garlic in it. Spaghetti is well cooked, smooth and not sticky, another item that is highly recommended by chef :)

Special Fried Rice
Here come the local cuisines! It is a creative cuisine with combined local and Western style. Black pepper sauce, chicken ham with cheese, fried chicken wing, salad and fried egg with big portion of fried rice, this surely can satisfy your stomach when you are super hungry! Plus, this fried rice might look simple and ordinary but actually it was full of aroma and tasted really good. :)

Mee Mamak
Since I study in local university, surely I have tasted many different mee mamak before. Usually the mee mamak I ate is really oily until I can see the 'sea of oil' on plate! However, this mee mamak is not too oily (no 'sea of oil' spotted, haha!!) with a lot of vegetables in it, which can be considered a healthier version of mee mamak. :)

Yummy! Is dessert time! It is made with Mascarpone cheese with ladyfingers in between and blanketed with thin layer of cocoa powder on top.The light Mascarpone cream made me addicted to this! The delicate presentation also made this dessert look more attractive. :)

Creme Brulee
With crispy caramel layer on top of creamy, smooth and aromatic custard, the sweetness is just nice, I love it! :)

Chocolate Lava Cake
Slightly crunchy outer layer with warm, melted chocolate lava in it, this lava cake is not too sweet and you can eat it with sweet vanilla ice cream, they are perfect match! :)

70% dark chocolate is used to make this lava cake, which is really concentrated until chocolate lava does not ooze out.

After looking at all the attracting photos above, feeling super hungry now? Faster go to Lemon Tree Restaurant to have your lunch or dinner now! :) Friendly Mr Bong and staff there will serve you the best! If you are interested in their catering service, kindly contact them to know more about it. :-)

*Free WiFi is available.

Facebook page

Operation Hours:
12pm- 11pm
*Closed on Monday

18, Jalan Bedara,
Taman Melodies, 
80250 Johor Bahru, 



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