Thursday, 23 January 2014

[REVIEW] Chung Wa Dae @ Ampang Koreatown

We planned to have our dinner at Restaurant Korea Dae Jang Gum, but unfortunately we reached much earlier than their dinner's operation hour >< What to do, we just can search for another place to eat. Finally we managed to find another korea BBQ restaurant to have our dinner, Chung Wa Dae Restaurant (Non-halal). Lady boss here is authentic Korean.

Chung Wa Dae is also known as Blue House, something like White House of United States.

Free flow of water is provided here.

Bean paste and sesame oil with salt 
You can eat BBQ meat with these. 
Eating bean paste alone will be too salty.
(Ok, no one will eat bean paste alone la!)

BBQ meat in making. The waiters there will serve you, so we can just wait and eat. We ordered pork and chicken BBQ set for 2-3 persons (RM 68). If for 3-4 persons is RM 98. There is no government charge and service charge here.

Fresh lettuce! Wrapping meat with garlic and bean paste inside lettuce, and then put the whole thing inside my mouth make me feel so korean, LOL!!

The most attractive part of Korean food is the side dishes!! About 12 side dishes are served here, the portion is quite big compared to side dishes I ate before and it tasted good too! It can only be refilled once. There are sweet & sour sausage, beansprout, sweet seaweeds (I love this!), potatos, radish kimchi, kimchi, salad, marinated vegetables, spicy cockles, hard boiled eggs in soy sauce, tasteless jelly with spicy sauce and seaweed soup. (Side dishes are not always the same)

Free soft drinks and rice wine from lady boss!!
This is my first time trying out rice wine, it tasted like medicine...( my opinion la~)

View from our private room 

Private room is available here, but it is actually not private at all as I can hear customer in the private room next to us clearly and I think they can hear us clearly as well =.=  
Spot the wall of fame? So many photos huh?! 
Besides, there is no suction pipe here, so we smelled really BBQ after that ><

How to go by public transport??
Take LRT to Ampang Park LRT station, walk to right side, wait for bus ( according to residents there, any bus also can ), stop at ampang point ( a shopping centre), cross the road by overhead bridge there, walk until you spot Restoran Korea Dae Jang Gum at front row, Chung Wa Dae is at the last row of shop.

Lot B1-1. Boulevard II,

One Ampang Avenue,

Jln Ampang Utama 2/2, Ampang.

03-4251 1004


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