Friday, 23 March 2018

Eucerin - Moisturizer for acne-prone skin

Talking about adult acne, it is not that I had flawless skin during teenage age. I got breakout, but they came and went off fast, without serious scar or bumpy skin. I guess that's the recovering power of young skin. Working life makes me stressful, that's when my adult acne journey starts. Acne cannot recover fast, they stay and create redness on my skin. I thought I did not clean my face enough so I over-cleaned my face. Over-cleaning caused my face to be dry, sensitive and inflamed. With this kind of sick condition, logically my skin cannot recover fast from acne. They said cutting down on sugar would help, I follow. They said minimizing things to apply on skin would help, I dare not to put on make up for very long time and I simplify my skincare procedure. However, breakout never stop. My skin becomes bumpy and scars are everywhere. During my recent Bangkok trip, probably due to haze and dry weather there, my sensitive skin became worse. My skin was itchy, flaky and bumpy. Acne started to form all over my face. After I came back to Malaysia, I stopped all my major skincare, hoping that I can minimize irritation and it would calm down and recover. Luckily, after running away from bad weather there, my skin is not that dry and flaky anymore but I am really in need of great product to treat my sensitive skin and adult acne.

One of the product that I still keep in my  simplified skincare procedure is Eucerin Aquaporin Active mist spray for sensitive skin. It really helps to soothe my irritated skin and save me from itchiness. This trusted brand has developed Eucerin ProACNE Solution A.I. Clearing Treatment to nourish skin while clearing up breakouts in gentle way. It sound so promising that I decided to give it a try. 

I tried quite a few of acne products and to be honest, some of them are really not suitable for sensitive skin. It is either they are too gentle to kill pimples or they are too harsh for sensitive skin to handle. However, this Eucerin moisturizer is specifically designed and helps to unclog pores, visibly reduce blemishes and prevent their reappearance, while protecting skin against moisture loss. This is exactly what I need for my skin now!

They state that this moisturizer can reduces comedonal acne (blackheads, whiteheads and small bumps) in only TWO weeks without drying out skin with: 

10% hydroxy complex (combination of 3 peeling agents AHA, BHA and PHA)
- renew skin surface, reduce acne-causing bacteria P. acnes and remove dead skin cells

Licochalcone A (highly effective anti-inflammatory agent)
- soothe irritations and help to reduce redness

Dexpanthenol (derived from vit B5,  a powerful humectant)
- bind to skin, helping to make skin more resilient and less sensitive to environmental triggers.

It sound like a perfect night time skincare regime to me! With hope that it can clear up my skin, I started to apply it diligently every night. Since they claim that it shows result within two weeks, so I took photos before and after two weeks. Let's see how's the result!

* These photos are all original and not edited. Lighting might be a bit different but I tried my best to take these photos at same angle and lighting to show you the true result.

The pimple I showed actually showed its pus after few days of application. It dried out in few days and skin become flat, which is quite fast for my skin. I noticed that my skin has lesser small bumps and it feel smoother! It kind of helps to clean up pores and there is no breakout in these two weeks. You would see flaky skin on my chin and they are not there anymore after two weeks. No breakout for two weeks is really an improvement for my skin!

I do not have huge pimples on my forehead but some small bumps, touch wood. I thought the result would not be obvious on forehead compared to other parts of my skin but I actually can see the difference! Small bumps are cleared up and it feels cleaner and smoother! 

My cheek area is the most serious affected area. Clogged pores, flaky skin, redness, acne marks, small bumps, you can see everything here. You can see that the flaky and dehydrated tightened condition is improved. Skin is not so dry anymore and redness is reduced. Overall condition is improved and I am really pleased to see these results within two weeks.

The result on nose is not that obvious and large pores still can be seen after two weeks. I supposed clearing up pores and reducing pore size is a long journey and I would be patient to wait for more obvious result after longer application.

In overall, it does prevent new breakout on my skin. This is what I am really happy to see. Skin starts to recover and it is not that flaky and sensitive anymore. Besides, for my another major concern which is the annoying small bumps, it does help to clear up slowly and I can see the result. Skin is not that rough and it has been a long time that I can feel smoothness on my skin. Sob...Sob...Even my sister who comes home once a week also can sense the difference on my skin. I understand that recovering my pitiful skin is definitely a long process therefore I am truly grateful to see result within two weeks. 

It is easily spread on skin and is absorbed well. I still feel stinging sensation every application due to its acid content but it is still bearable so it is not a major problem. Do apply sunscreen as it may increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. Seeing as the price point is at RM 62.00, it is really affordable to have this amazing product. Besides, you only need tiny little bit to apply whole face so it is really worthy to get this tube of goodness. It really give me visible result and you can actually purchase the whole ProACNE skincare range to improve your skin effectively. For your information, you can find this product at all pharmacies nationwide. I still continue to apply it every night now even after two weeks, hoping to see more obvious result on my skin! :)



  1. I used to not believe in any acne products until I came across your review. Your skin condition is really getting better now! Perhaps I will consider to try it xD

  2. Really, my skin is getting better!