Sunday, 25 February 2018

Stay clean always with Aiken Antibacterial Wipes

I love Chinese New Year a lot. Receiving angpau, non- stop munching on new year cookies, meeting relatives once a year, there is no reason that I will hate Chinese New Year. Besides, since my car sickness slowly becomes bearable as I grow up, I actually love the long journey back to my hometown. Maybe it is because I can eat then sleep and I can eat and sleep again. However, since we would not stop very frequent at rest station, hand hygiene becomes our concern in our journey back to hometown. My sister always has antibacterial wipes with her to provide instant sanitizing in the car. In situation where a wash basin is not within reach, a pack of good antibacterial wipes can be a great alternative till you get to wash your hands. 

AIKEN, the trusted name in antibacterial personal care products for the past three decades is now introducing the new AIKEN Antibacterial Wipes that eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria effectively while smelling great and leaving your skin feeling moisturised. 

It would be great to have a pack of antibacterial wipes in your bag when you are on-the-go. There are times that you really need it, like after choosing fish or meat at supermarket. It can help to your hand clean and smell good. If you have kids who are at the age of discovering and love touching, you will need antibacterial wipes to clean them up after they play with sand, soil or animals. New AIKEN Antibacterial Wipes is suitable to be used by whole family and for any occasion, no matter indoor or outdoor, with two delightful variants to choose from.  

Formulated with tea tree oil that is renowned for its natural purifying and antibacterial benefits to enhance protection. It instantly refreshes and cleanses the skin from impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling ultra-clean, soft and refreshingly scented. Dermatologically tested, the antibacterial wipes are safe to use and are 100% alcohol-free.

Enriched with Aloe Vera to moisture and soothe skin and yet kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria, leaving skin feeling smooth, fresh and moisturised. The wipes are made of soft textured fabric that gently cleanses without any discomfort. It leaves skin feeling fresh with a delightful and pleasant scent. The AIKEN Antibacterial Wipes is 100% alcohol-free, dermatologically tested and is safe for use by the whole family.

AIKEN Antibacterial wipes is really travel-friendly. You just need to put on pack in your bag when you travel and you are good to go. Besides, I really love its refreshing and pleasant smell as personally I do not like strong and artificial scent on my hand. You would not have dehydrated feeling on your hands after using as it is 100% alcohol free. It is really affordable to get them at RM*6.50(WM)/ RM*6.80(EM) for twin packs of 20 sheets per pack and are available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

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