Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Enchanteur Paris Petite Perfume

As a working lady, we try hard to start our day with fresh and clean look and wish that we can end the day with same fresh look as well. However, after working whole day long, whether in office or outdoor, face starts to become oily, lip color becomes not that vibrant, and foundation cannot stay due to oil and sweat on face. We need to touch-up everything. Plus, we do not smell that pleasant anymore as our body sweats. We can touch up our make-up with compact-packaged make up set. However, there is no way that we can put whole big bottle of perfume inside our bag to touch up scent. However, this does not mean we can smell bad. We need a solution! 

Understanding women's need, ENCHANTEUR continues to be innovative and has launched this new purse-friendly ENCHANTEUR Paris Petite Roll On Perfume. Its discreet 9mL slim pack makes it a really convenient product to touch up scent anytime. This product is specially formulated to be alcohol-free, making it a better choice for Muslim customers. Moreover, it is oil-based, enabling scent stay longer. 

This petite perfume comes in 4 different scents, Jolie (blue), Adore (purple), Cheri (orange) and Belle Amour (pink). I prefer the scent of Jolie as the scent is light and sweet with endearing blend of pear, rose and honey.

Jolie (Lovely) - Blue pack
Endearing blend of pear, rose and honey.

Cheri (Darling) - Orange pack
Delectable scent of apple, cherry blossom and vanilla.

Belle Amour (Beautiful love) - Pink pack
Lovely blend of apple melon, blackcurrant and parisian pink rose.

Adore (Adorable) - Purple pack
Sensual scent of wild jasmine, pink mimosa and golden pear.

Personally, I really like the design of roll-on applicator which makes re-application a lot easier! This is a lot better that spray as we can secretly do scent touch-up in the middle of working. Just roll it on pulse point like wrist and you are good to go! Its slim packaging is small enough to fit a purse or small bag, which is also really convenient during travelling. With this petite perfume in bag, you will never be caught unprepared anymore. 

ENCHANTEUR Paris Petite Perfume is available at major pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide. It is really affordable with its price of RM9.90 in WM and RM10.40 in EM.

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