Thursday, 21 September 2017

24 Hours Moisture with Enchanteur

Ever since we know hydration is the key to good skin condition, we try hard to keep our skin moisturized. We drink adequate water everyday. We spray moisture mist on skin whenever we can. However, providing skin with water alone is not enough to keep skin moisturized. We need protective layer to keep water from evaporating. Dehydrated skin would look dull and fine lines would start to appear. We tend to look older with dehydrated skin. Skincare would never be complete without the last moisturizing step. A good body lotion would be effective in keeping moisture on skin. 

 ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion is specially formulated with rose water, white lily extract and pure olive oil to keep your skin moisturized, youthful and glowing all day long with just one application a day. Rose water is the key ingredient which can nourish and hydrate skin. White lily extract is rich in amino acids and minerals while Pure Olive Oil is a long trusted ingredient to maintain beautiful skin by keeping healthy water and oil balance of skin The combination of these three amazing natural ingredients, work wonders to penetrate deeply into the skin to nourish the skin, thereby ensuring your hands and body stay soft, smooth and youthful.

With a single application of ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion, skin enjoys immediate hydration for up to 24 hours. Besides, its aqua based formulation does not leave oily and sticky feeling to your hand and body. As a connoisseur of fragranced personal care products, ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion is also infused with ENCHANTEUR’s French- inspired fine fragrances to help ignite and rekindle romance. ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion keeps your hand & body skin healthy and silky smooth, while the lingering with romantic scent of ENCHANTEUR, makes you so irresistible.

New ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion Range comes with 3 variants: Charming, Romantic and Alluring.

Romantic (pink)
A scent which bears the joyous burst of zesty Mandarin with lively, green crisp of Violet and Galbanum that signify the beginning of a wonderful love. Just like true love that grows deeper, this romantic lotion blossoms beautifully with Bulgarian Roses and White Jasmine mingled with delicate scent of Mimosa and Orange Flower. Lingering warm Sandalwood and Vanilla wrap up this lovely concoction that puts romance in the air.  

 Alluring (purple)
An exotic, seductive fragrance that exudes a sweet mysterious aura. It blends fruity notes of Bergamot and Passion fruit, dissolving into an intoxicating bouquet of Rose and Iris, and warmed by rich Vanilla, Musk and Vetiver – thereby concocting a bold scent that’s one of a kind. 

Indeed, the aqua-based formulation makes it more watery compared to other lotions I used. I can glide it easily on skin and this lotion really absorb fast, leaving non-sticky yet hydrated feeling on skin. The scent is really pleasant and this lotion can serve two purposes in one bottle, which is being a body lotion and also a perfume. It is really hassle free and convenient for busy working ladies. 

New ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion Range retails at RM11.90 (including 6% GST) per bottle of 220ml and is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. This is really affordable for a good lotion like this. 

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