Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Travelling to Malacca

Travelling is something I really enjoy to do since young. This might be because I have parents who really love travelling. Whenever there is a short holiday, my parents would pack and bring us to nice places within country. 

Malacca is one of the places that I would never get tired of travelling to. Being the UNESCO world heritage site, you definitely have a lot of historic attractions to visit, not to mention variety of great food especially Nyonya food. Taking a river cruise along Malacca River is definitely the best way to enjoy the scenery of Malacca. Buildings painted with colorful mural and well-preserved historic buildings portray the rich culture of Malacca.

While travelling to Malacca, Nadeje handmade Mille Crepe is the food you cannot miss. I would always visit their outlet to taste few pieces of their famous handmade Mille Crepe whenever I am in Malacca. You can see a lot of tourists bring take-away besides dining inside the outlet. Personally, I feel that original flavour is the best. Other than Nadeje Mille Crepe, you should try authentic Nyonya cuisine, chicken rice ball, satay celup and Klebang coconut shake in Malacca. The must-eat list is way too long and I cannot mention all here. Remember to visit Jonker Street to enjoy night life with an array of delicious food. 

Tourist attractions in Malacca is close to each other. Strolling around Stadthuys is a must-do activity for tourists visiting Malacca.  You can visit A' Famosa, St Paul's Church, Malacca Proclamation of Independence Memorial and Melaka Sultanate Palace by walking around that area. The Stadthuys is the famous Red Square, which is the historical attraction located in the heart of Malacca City. Stadthuys is also popular spot to take nice photos as photos look great with vivid red wall as background. Remember to take as many pictures as you can here!

For tourists who do not wish to walk under hot sun, you can easily spot trishaws parking around tourist spots and have a trishaw ride on these beautifully decorated trishaws. For better convenience, you are not advised to travel around Malacca with cars to avoid traffic congestion. Therefore, it is better for tourists to stay nearby tourist attractions so that they are within walking distance. Hotels with strategic locations would be the better options for you. To meet the demand, there are abundant of hotels for you to choose, from budget hotels to starred hotels.  

Hatten Hotel Melaka is one of the great hotels with great location. Not only near to A' Famosa and St Paul's Church, Hatten Hotel Melaka is a four-starred hotel which is near to Malacca's well known shopping mall, Mahkota Parade. This is very convenient for tourists who love shopping. Since there is a bridge connecting hotel to Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade, this is not necessary for you to drive to reach shopping mall. It is so convenient! Besides that, you can have easy access to Mahkota Medical Centre, which is only 0.19km away from hotel. It is really great of convenience for medical tourists and patients. With all these benefits of staying in Hatten Hotel Melaka, the hotel room rate is still very affordable and value for money. To have more information, you can search for Hatten Hotel Melaka and make your booking with Traveloka. 

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